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This is how the panorama of the Guard1anes Liguilla 2021 goes

Puebla is already installed in the semifinals of Guard1anes 2021, after eliminating Atlas for the best position in the general table

MEXICO – The Puebla is the first semifinalist of the Guard1anes 2021, after beating 1-0 at Atlas, and have the best position in the table in their favor.

We present you the overview of the teams and what they need to access the next round.



Cruz Azul vs Toluca

Blue Cross It did not leave a good taste in the mouth in the first leg that was held at the Nemesio Diez. The Devils beat their fans 2-1, but the good news for Machine is that the first tiebreaker criterion, goals as visitors, favors them since a 1-0 victory at the Coloso de Santa Úrsula is enough to qualify. The 2-1 victory also puts them in the next round for the best position in the table, so they must go out and look yes or yes at least one goal.

The story changes because the Red Devils can afford to lose and still advance since a score of 3-2 or higher, in which the difference is just one goal, would put Hernán Cristante’s team in the semifinals.

Any tie also benefits those of the State of Mexico.

Duels for this Sunday

Monterrey vs Santos

The story of Striped is identical to that of Blue Cross. The away goal helps them a lot for the return commitment and a “simple” 1-0 in favor next Sunday at home would put them in the semifinals.

Santos classifies with any victory, draw and even losing by one goal difference if they are able to score twice or more against Hugo González in the Sultana del Norte, that is, 3-2, 4-3, etc.

Monterrey He will also be among the best four if he defeats those from the Lagunera region with the same score that was experienced on Thursday at TSM Corona (2-1) since the best position in the table would help them.

America vs Pachuca

The Tuzos gave another blow of authority against one of the so-called greats of Mexican soccer by defeating America 3-1 in the first leg of the quarterfinals and now the tie has turned uphill for the Águilas de Santiago Solari since they must necessarily beat the Tuzos by a difference of two goals and each score against will make the task more complicated for the capital.

Those from Coapa will access the semifinals if they are able to beat those from Bella Airosa 2-0 for the goal scored in someone else’s yard, but if the score is 4-2 in favor of Azulcrema, the ticket will go to Paulo’s Pezzolano by the same criteria.

Pachuca, with any victory, draw or even defeat by a goal, it will be installed in the antechamber of the title.

The markers that serve the America at the moment they are 2-0, 3-1 or whichever is greater than three goals difference.

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