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This is how the curtain fringe is worn in 2021 according to 6 celebrities

If you want to take advantage of the start of a new season to make a change of look, you should consider the curtain fringe, which will be a trend during 2021. This slight change will allow you to maintain the length of your hair while framing your face to highlight the angles of your face.

One of the styles that never go out of style is the fringe, since it is the easiest way to radically change your appearance without much effort and it can even help to subtract a few years from the face. Currently, beauty trends indicate that these styles return with great force to accompany the seasonal haircuts that we will begin to see in celebrities and influencers. If you want to know what is the ideal fringe style for you, continue reading the guide that we created to be the first to adopt this season’s trends.

This is how celebrities wear the curtain fringe

This fringe is ideal to frame the face, it is worn slightly shorter in the center and longer on the sides. This type of fringe is lengthened to the sides creating a “curtain” effect that frame the face. It is ideal for a retro look. The curtain fringes or faded towards the sides they look better on triangular faces, as this shortens the width of the forehead.

Brigitte Bardot’s signature 70s style is long and split in half, helping to soften square-shaped faces, adding volume to the crown makes the effect even better.

The best thing about this style is that it can be adapted to any type of face to highlight the features and give a feminine look without affecting the length of the hair. Besides that it can be combed in many different ways, which makes it the ideal look for summer.

Square faces tend to be wider, so doing a very long bangs that can add volume to the sides. Medium fringes accompanied by long layers are ideal for this shape.

For elongated faces, fringes should be longer, below the eyebrows, near the eyelashes. This will create an illusion of a more proportionate face.

In faces with this shape, curtain fringes or faded towards the sides they look better, since this shortens the width of the forehead.

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