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This is how half-painted hair is worn, the trend of 2021

This season the fantasy colors will not disappear, although the trend aims to stick to the more natural and subtle tones and effects in the hair, the fantasy colors will continue to be present during spring and summer, ready to transform your appearance. One of them is the half painted hair, which will dominate the trends this year.

This color effect technique in fancy tones It has gained great popularity since the last months of 2020, as personalities such as Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa have adopted them as part of their image and it has become a hallmark of the most rebellious and risky girls. The spring-summer season will not be the exception, since you can start a new cycle with an alternative style. This year, the warmest shades and glaring contrasts will be the most popular to spice up your hair. Discover how to wear them to transform your look.

How to wear half-painted hair in 2021

This trend of high contrast hair, we began to see it in famous like Dua Lipa early 2020, and it’s all about contrasting shades in the hair. The combination of different shades such as blondes and black in different sections to create a contour effect. The lightest go near the face and on the top hair. While the dark ones go underneath to give an effect of density in the hair.

Rather than bleaching her hair completely so she could dye it a lighter shade, she lightened only the top of the hair, leaving the hair in the lower parts black. This created a look of blonde hair while it is combed down and showing the contrast when collected.

This technique allows you to create volume by maintaining a dark base tone and lightening only the top of the hair. It is the best way not to damage all the hair with aggressive bleaching. Since this is what is required to go from a very dark tone to a very light one.

This effect, as the singer wears it, is better on lighter skin. However, it can be adapted to each skin tone by adapting the colors that are chosen for the hair. They can be lighter or darker, with reddish or golden undertones, depending on the skin tone and the effect you want to obtain. If you want to know how it would look best on you, check with your colorist before doing a color effect.

In addition to wearing it in blonde and black, you can combine more striking colors such as lilac, green, red, blue and any other fantasy color you want.

In addition, it can be worn in different ways, such as half of the hair of one color and the other half of a different one. It can also be worn with tufts at the back of the head.

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