“This is a very serious wake-up call for President Bukele to rectify,” says an expert after congressman Torres’ announcement to publish a list of corrupt people

There is no other option, explained foreign policy specialist Napoleón Campos. He says that if Bukele continues to deepen “violations of the rule of law,” there will be very severe sanctions from the US.

For the foreign policy expert, Napoleón Campos, there is no doubt. It points out that the announcement of the US congresswoman Norma Torres to publish this week the list of the corrupt in Central America means one more warning bell about what the government of President Nayib Bukele is exposed to in terms of severe sanctions from the United States, if continues to deepen violations of human rights and the rule of law.

“Here President Bukele has no option B, there is only option A and the option is to rectify. This is a very serious wake-up call for President Bukele to rectify, he has no option B, only one option called democratic rectification, ”Campos pointed out.

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Torres, congressman from the state of California, announced through an official statement that this week the list of corrupt people in the region will be published. The notice comes after the official was attacked by Bukele on Twitter, following Torres’s criticism of the immigration policies promoted by the Central American governments.

According to Campos, the US State Departments are responding with this report to the congressmen who requested it from US President Joe Biden on January 25.

And that it may also happen that Torres’ announcement is framed within the possibilities that integrate both the sanctions given by the “Global Magnitsky Law” with the Engel list contained in the “Omnibus Bill” of December 26, 2020.

The Global Magnitsky Law, approved in the United States in 2012, persecutes foreigners accused of corruption and human rights violations and authorizes governments to punish offenders, by freezing foreign assets, it also prohibits those sanctioned from entering the signatory country.

In Campos’ opinion, these sanctions do not come about overnight, in the case of El Salvador they are directly related to the gradual democratic deterioration that the country has had since the military incursion of February 9, 2020 to the Legislative Assembly. He adds that they are “the product of years of endemic corruption” that the Nation has suffered.

According to Campos, the application of the Global Magnitsky Law would be a milestone in the history of El Salvador and, in his view, implies an important turn of the wheel in Central America’s relations with the United States, especially that of El Salvador with the North American country. .

“This change in the steering wheel has to lead us to democratic rectification, it would be the worst thing that would lead us to a sharpening of sanctions, because the United States, the European Union and Canada have also applied in the past to tyrants, despots and autocrats sanctions of higher level, economic sanctions; then it would be the worst, because it is the country who loses and here those responsible for this are the ones called to rectify ”, Campos deepened.

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The expert presumes that with the 2020 Human Rights Practices report, issued last Tuesday by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and in which officials and allies of the Bukele government are mentioned, it can be intuited that the sanctions could be also aimed at government institutions.

“Members of his cabinet already appear as persons of interest in last week’s State Department Human Rights report. This makes us think, to those of us who know of these cases, since when individuals such as Walter Araujo, mentioned in the report, such as the Minister of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya and other members of the president’s cabinet, are mentioned and highlighted the director of the PNC, the Minister of Defense and the President of the Republic himself, because they point to the events of February 9, where the Armed Forces and the PNC are used to intervene in the Legislative Assembly, ”Campos argued.

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