A close friend of the actress for a long time was in the dark himself, but when he nevertheless learned more than what was written on the Internet, he realized that it was better for no one to know the truth.

The situation with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, alas, has become a kind of folk sitcom. Since 2019, the “perfect nanny” has disappeared from sight, which has generated a lot of rumors. Many of them were frankly similar to horror stories: fans painted terrible pictures of Anastasia with a disfigured face, unable to move independently and did not recognize anyone around.

For a long time, the actress’s family kept the secret about Anastasia’s well-being, but this only fueled rumors that reached enormous proportions. And now, when there were more “eyewitness stories” and anonymous family friends than ever before, they nevertheless decided to speak out in order to refute the frightening Internet diagnoses. However, the reality turned out to be no less frightening: Zavorotnyuk was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor.

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Petr Chumakov gave his comment – he participated in the treatment of the actress. The physician gave clear explanations of what is now happening to Anastasia’s body, talked about how she can return if she still wants to appear on the screens, in general, it would seem, he put everything on the shelves. The disease is extremely serious, the forecasts are always disappointing, but the “perfect nanny” is trying to cope with the disease with all her might.

However, some close friends of Anastasia hinted that the situation may not be as transparent as it seems. Nikolai Tsiskaridze admitted: he is even glad that people do not know the whole truth, because it does not sound as encouraging as the official information on the Internet.

“Thank God, Nastya has a big family, she is not alone … This is a monstrous tragedy. Unfortunately, I know a lot that I don’t need to know. And that, thank God, does not come up, ”Nikolai said.

By the way, he himself did not know for a while about what happened. Tsiskaridze contacted Anastasia’s family after horrific rumors appeared on the Web. No one answered him, and now he understands why. “Now there is hell. Where am I going to go with my questions there now? ”He reflected. But later, the details of Zavorotnyuk’s condition became known to him, and Nikolai is even glad that the truth has not yet leaked to the Network.

“I am so glad that some details did not surface, that, thank God, there is nothing that people can dig into. And now we must pay tribute to Peter Chernyshev and the parents, and even the orderlies – thank you all for not doing, as they did with many not the last people in the world. That nothing surfaced, ”says the artist.

Many close friends of Zavorotnyuk, who know more than you and I, consider the act of her family to be absolutely correct. The actress’s family is stubbornly silent, does not give high-profile interviews, does not share Anastasia’s photos and does not feed the public with vague hints. Although some of the actress’s friends are still perplexed – why don’t her relatives pick up the phone and get in touch with her fans? However, Tsiskaridze is adamant: it is better for no one to know what really happened to Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

Photo: Legion-Media.ru, Persona Stars. PhotoXPress.ru, Andrey Kalmykov / Woman.ru, @ a_zavorotnyuk / Instagram

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