Although flying cars are a solution for mobility, most of them have a disadvantage, and that is that they require a runway or a clear path for their landing or take-off.

Therefore, flying cars are more fine small aircraft with the ability to roll on streets and highways.

Faced with this conflict on the part of cars with the ability to fly, a solution has emerged that can revolutionize air and land mobility, it is an electric jet capable of taking off vertically: the Lilium Jet.

As if it is a helicopter, this plane can save people hours in transfersas it can go from ground to air without the need for a track.

By ascending or descending vertically and silently due to its electric motors, this jet can access more landing sites and the opportunity to build a higher network density, avoiding the need for expensive ground infrastructure.

Thanks to its technology, this jet with capacity for seven passengers is expected to revolutionize regional transportation, with opportunities for passengers and businesses.

Jet Lilium 7 pasajeros

  • This electric aircraft has a projected cruising speed of 281 km / h at 10,000 feet and a range of more than 250 kilometers, including reserves.
  • It measures 8.5 meters long and 14 meters wide.
  • It has 30 times fewer components than a commercial aircraft and is designed for ease of manufacture and scalability.
  • Lilium applies automotive style design to its manufacturing methods and is designing for the high quality fully automated production of its motors, actuators and batteries.

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