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This cryptocurrency could exceed the price of Bitcoin

When we talk about cryptocurrencies the first thing we we think is in the Bitcoin, this because it was the first digital asset to come to light and become the most valuable currency in the world, but there is another that could unseat him.

What is Ethereum?

Ether is the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world | Source: Unsplash

Ether is the second cryptocurrency most valuable so far, which, like Bitcoin, has had an upward trend, since only in early 2020, each unit it was worth $ 4 thousand pesos, and for March 2021, this value amounts to $ 35 thousand pesos per unit.

Although, so far, its value it moves away from the million pesos in which each Bitcoin has been valued, in relation to growth, this cryptocurrency has surpassed Bitcoin. This can be seen through Google Finance that tells you the real-time price of cryptocurrencies.

Why could Ethereum outperform Bitcoin?

Ether seeks to create smart contracts | Source: Unsplash

Unlike Bitcoin, Ether does not seek to become a currency nor replace physical money, its objective is to convert a network of smart contracts that can be self-managed.

This means that it would be the basis for a economic system involving rules at the code level that cannot be misinterpreted according to the laws of each country. To illustrate a bit, let’s mention the following:

Ether has grown faster than Bitcoin | Source: Unsplash

When two people enter into a contract, in addition to take time to clarify conditions of the contract, this must be endorsed by a judge, who will interpret according to the laws of the region. This in addition to time, generates expenses and is left to interpretation.

Ether what you are looking for is that Smart contracts are code based that can be interpreted anywhere in the world, which would reduce costs and avoid ambiguities. This could create a business system based on contracts that run autonomously.

However, this idea is not yet fully established, therefore, in the near future could change all the speculations that this cryptocurrency encompasses. Let us remember that its growth also has had significant casualties in its price due to its high volatility.

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