Under the command of the technician Juan Reynoso, Cruz Azul improved his best record of consecutive victories After beating FC Juárez 0-1 agonizingly, the squad entered the club’s history.

Given this, ESPN It lists the historical teams of the ‘Machine’ throughout its existence, to which the current one with triumph over the border box is added:

The golden age

One of the unforgettable teams was the one under the command of then-strategist Raúl Cárdenas, who had under his command one of the highest standards in the club’s existence, goalkeeper Miguel Marín.

The goalkeeper arrived at La Maquina in 1971 and stayed with the team for a decade, helping the squad to win titles within Mexican soccer, some precisely within the golden age.

Cruz Azul achieved in that stage with Cárdenas a total of five championships that were in the seasons 1968-1969, 1970, 1971-1972, 1972-1973 and 1973-1974, making it one of the historic teams, in which it also highlighted the presence of elements such as Octavio Muciño, Fernando Bustos, Javier Guzmán, among others.

During that time, the team also won the CONCACAF Cup, Champion of Champions and Champions League trophies, making it one of the most remembered teams.

The Trelles Machine

Former coach Ignacio Trelles was in charge of giving continuity to Cruz Azul’s trophy harvest and he became a historic player within the club precisely because of his work.

Trelles took the reins of the team in 1976, led the team to the double championship in the 1978-1979 and 1979-1980 seasons and became an emblem of the team he managed until 1983.

He also won the Almería tournament in Spain in 1979, the Burgos tournament in 1980 and the President’s Cup in 1981, which precisely helped the team go down in history.

Elements such as Guillermo Mendizábal, Gerado Lugo, Ignacio Flores, Eladio Vera, Rodolfo Montoya, José Luis Ceballos, Horacio López Salgado, Rafael Toribio, among others, were part of the team that, due to their performance on the pitch, remained in the memory.

The 1997 Champion

Under the command of strategist Luis Fernando Tena, the 1997 team was placed among the most remembered in the team’s existence for the quality of its players and for being the last to give the institution a league title.

Led by striker Carlos Hermosillo, the Celeste team stood out at that time for its performance on the pitch, which also featured elements such as Oscar “Conejo”, Pérez, Francisco Palencia, Benjamín Galindo and Juan Reynoso, current helmsman of the team. , among others.

The Machine had different achievements under the command of Luis Fernando Tena, by virtue of the fact that they won the CONCACAF tournament on two occasions and on a couple of occasions they took the crown of the contest called Pachuca Cuna del Futbol Mexicano.

Undoubtedly the most remembered achievement is the 1997 Winter Tournament championship, in which Cruz Azul defeated the Esmeraldas de León in the final by an aggregate score of 2-1 to achieve the eighth title in its history, which is why it is another of the historical ones.

Cruz Azul in the Copa Libertadores

After the departure of Luis Fernando Tena in 2000, José Luis Trejo arrived as relief, who helped the team to obtain another title from Pachuca Cuna del Futbol Mexicano, but the best came for 2001.

The latter because it was in that year when Cruz Azul played the Copa Libertadores and made history by becoming the first Mexican team to reach the final in that South American tournament.

The Machine, which had José Saturnino Cardozo as reinforcement for that fair, was measured in the last instance against Boca Juniors, who in the first leg played at the Azteca stadium won 1-0, but in the return, played in La Bombonera, Cruz Azul won 1-0 with a goal from Francisco Palencia. The match went to penalties in which the Argentine team won 3-1.

Under the command of Trejo, the capital team played in 2002 the Teresa Herrera tournament in Spain and won the contest again in Pachuca, so it is also part of the unforgettable teams.