Thief enters to rob church in Guadalajara- Uno TV

The subject already had the objects he planned to steal located in the Guadalajara church. Photo: Video shot

A church in Guadalajara Jalisco, was a victim of crime on Christmas Eve that just happened; Well, a thief decided to miss the Christmas dinner so that he could steal even the candles from this sacred site.

It was with a video recorded by the security cameras inside the church that it was possible to observe the moment when the thief enters the site and stealthily begins to move to rob the religious site.

In the imágenes you hear the voice of a man who narrates the movements of the thief, which does not go directly to the alms or to look for the garments of the priest -which are sometimes embroidered with gold threads and are easy prey of the “lovers of the alien” -; this guy went straight to get chandeliers out of their places.

Candlesticks of a tall size, it seems, They even went with candles or lamps that simulated them.

“He had his action well planned …”

Says the narrator of the video in which the robbery of the Guadalajara church is observed.

It is unknown if the church that was robbed raised a complaint so that the authorities look for the person or persons responsible for the theft; Likewise, so far there has not been a report that the candelabra stolen in Guadalajara or other parts of the state of Jalisco.

It should be noted that there is no detailed list of what was stolen by the thief in the Jalisco church.

“This is truly unfortunate, the house of God is respected. This is unfortunate. “

I added the narrator of the video that shows the robbery inside the church in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The video of the robbery in the Guadalajara church, which is disseminated on social networks, is more than a minute long.

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