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They will sanction a hospital director who used influence to vaccinate his family in Edomex

Toluca.- The director of the Medical Center “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos ”will be sanctioned for having promoted the application of the Covid-19 vaccine to two of his relatives, informed authorities of the Secretary of Health of the State of Mexico.

After the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promised to investigate the complaint that the director of the general hospital in Toluca had his relatives vaccinated, it was that the Mexican authorities reported the initiation of an investigation of this case.

“This conduct will be sanctioned first by the internal control body of the Ministry of Health and a hearing will be given to the Comptroller General of the State of Mexico,” Mexican authorities reported in a statement.

They pledged that “the Ministry of Health will strengthen the filter for registering candidates to receive the vaccine, in order to prevent these practices from being repeated.”

At the same time, they warned “that all irregular conduct by the medical and administrative sector, regardless of rank, will be sanctioned in case of violating the protocols and applying vaccines to people who do not yet correspond to them.”

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Authorities of the Mexican Ministry of Health highlighted “that the vaccine in this first stage of its application will only be provided to the medical staff from the State of Mexico, which is in the first line of care for patients affected by Covid-19 ”.

As part of the security filter that the state Health Secretariat will apply, the precise identification of each of the doctors and their place of assignment stands out, they assured.


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