They will accelerate vaccination for the elderly; will receive doses created by CanSino / China


At the end of March, the government will finish vaccinating all adults over 60 against COVID-19, announced President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

In a message at the beginning of the year, he explained that this population group will receive the vaccine developed by China and the CanSino Biologics laboratory, which could arrive in the country at the end of this month.

This period is one month ahead of what is foreseen in the vaccination plan released in December by the Ssa, which calculated that by the end of April immunization of the elderly would be completed.

“By April we started with those who are younger, with chronic diseases, and teachers,” he said.

He indicated that 277,000 jobs were lost in December, about half of the jobs created after having hit bottom in the crisis due to the pandemic.


  • The vaccine, developed by China and the pharmaceutical company CanSino Biologics, is 90% effective.
  • It is currently conducting phase III trials in ten countries, including Mexico.
  • It can be kept at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.
  • It is a single dose that is injected intramuscularly, into the shoulder.

Vaccination of the elderly will end in March

It means that it will end one month before the period originally contemplated for its application

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that by the end of March his government plans to conclude the anticovid vaccination of adults over 60 years of age.

“At the end of March we will have the entire population over 60 vaccinated, everyone, and by April we will start with those who are younger, with chronic diseases, teachers and so on. We think that we will not lack vaccines, “he said.

According to what was announced on December 8 at the conference of President López Obrador, it means that stage two will conclude a month earlier than planned, because there it was said that it would go from February to April 2021 and it was contemplated to vaccinate the staff of remaining health and people aged 60 and over.

In his message at the beginning of the new year, which he spread through social networks, the head of the federal Executive said that this sector of the population will receive the vaccine developed by CanSino.

The federal president expressed that he has faith and hope in the future and in what he called a “new dawn” for Mexico, despite the economic and health crisis it is going through.

In his message, López Obrador pointed out that, to date, 61% of the personnel who work in the first line of care for covid patients have received the vaccine and reiterated that by the end of January that sector must be immunized.

“I have faith and hope for the future. It is not an unfounded wish, I have evidence and elements to tell you that we are going to face the two crises and we are going to improve the health and economic situation in our country, ”the President commented in the message recorded from the library of his home in Tlalpan.

He reiterated that his administration is firm in the fight against corruption and listed his government’s programs aimed at supporting the most economically disadvantaged sectors of the population.

He said he is confident in consolidating his project to achieve a better economic situation for Mexicans, and a more humanistic society.

“There is a future, despite the regrets, that we have gone through a very difficult situation, the dawn comes, the new dawn is coming,” he stressed.

In terms of health, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that 53,626 doses of the Pfizer vaccine against covid-19 have been received and the first immunization has been applied to 32,824 health workers.

He announced that in January 1,400,000 doses of the vaccine will have been received, which are enough for the two applications to 750,000 health workers who care for covid patients.

He reiterated that by the end of March, the country’s older adults will be vaccinated, who will receive the CanSino vaccine, which is a single dose, and so on to all sectors of the population throughout 2021.

“This is going to help a lot to get out of this health crisis that has caused us so much pain,” stressed the President of the Republic.

The head of the federal Executive acknowledged that 277,000 jobs were lost in December, which represents about half of the jobs that were created after the pandemic crisis hit rock bottom.

“With the pandemic, we lost around a million and we had recovered 600 thousand, but in December, which is an atypical month since outsourcing, subcontracting, workers are fired so as not to pay them benefits, Christmas bonus.

“We lost for that reason in December, after we had been gaining month after month, we lost 277 thousand jobs, anyway, as we already had about 600 thousand, we recovered 350 thousand,” he lamented.

Despite this, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador considered that Mexico has a stable economy, with a parity of less than 20 pesos against the dollar, with a gradual recovery of fuel consumption, an inflation of 3.2%, a stable collection and without important falls, and consumption of basic goods without variations.

“I maintain my optimism that we end the year with healthy public finances,” he emphasized.

López Obrador was satisfied that the assistance programs, scholarship programs and priority projects of his administration are budgeted for this 2021, since they guarantee that the economy will remain firm, that jobs will be created and that it will maintain its fight against corruption.

“We are coming out with the formula of not allowing corruption, of creating an austere, sober government and that there are no superfluous expenses,” he remarked.

The data

  • The covid-19 AD5-nCoV vaccine was created by the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology and the pharmaceutical company CanSino Biologics.
  • It is currently conducting phase III clinical trials on more than 7,000 volunteers in ten countries, including Mexico.
  • The safety study conducted during phase II determined that it is 90% effective.
  • It is a single dose.
  • Mexico established an agreement of eight million doses.

The data

2021 Budgeted Programs:

  • 135 billion pesos pensions for the elderly.
  • 16.6 billion pesos pensions for children with disabilities.
  • 20.6 million pesos Young People Building the Future.
  • 45 mmdp Dos Bocas refinery.
  • 41.85 mmdp Maya Trend.
  • 3.5 mmdp interoceanic corridor.
  • 32 mmdp acquisition of vaccines.
  • 10 million pesos for the purchase of medicines.

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