They warn of “intragenerational wave” in young people in Pinamar – News

“We believe that both Christmas and New Years could have generated a new wave of intragenerational cases, which is the most worrying thing,” said the communal leader.

In radio statements, the PRO leader remarked that “the increase in cases is worrisome” and pointed out that in the Atlantic district a growth in the number of infections began to be registered “as of December 20.”

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After being questioned for having ordered the local police to prevent access to the beaches on the night of January 1, Yeza said that the controls were “greatly strengthened” because they observed that “protocols are respected in bars, but people drink the street “without respecting the distance.

When asked about the possibility of adopting new restrictive measures, the mayor of Pinamar asked the government “not to overwhelm freedoms.”

“It is necessary to make a balance by the authority of the State, at the time of drawing norms that the society does not have capacity to respect them,” he analyzed.

“Does that solve the problem? How do we avoid it? There are things that sound good but are very difficult to enforce. It is not so simple to implement those measures that are probably the most recommended epidemiologically but that are crossed by other variables,” he said.

Pinamar registered 1,912 positive cases of coronavirus so far and suffered 30 deaths.

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