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They warn in CDMX for low temperatures until March

The Mexico City will stay in low temperatures, even frost, in the next few days due to the presence of a icy storm that has been positioned in the country from the northern states, so that the mayoralties Álvaro Obregón, Magdalena Contreras, Tláhuac, Xochimilco, Tlalpan, Cuajimalpa and Milpa Alta will present affectations up to 1 degree of low temperatures, informed Civil Protection authorities.

This fourth winter storm will be joined by a cold front, he explained Guillermo Ayala, Director of Early Warning of the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC) of Mexico City, and recalled that these demarcations at dawn on December 31 reached 0 and -2 degrees.

The icy wave, they predicted, can extend until the end of the winter season, which is March 20.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the official commented that these damages come from the states bordering the United States, where they have entered great winds that have hit “brutally”, generating temperatures of up to -20 degrees in states such as Chihuahua and Durango, to name a few.

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Ayala specified that although the power of the gusts of wind —Like the one that was presented on December 31, which caused the fall of 18 trees— a cold environment will still remain at the beginning of 2021, and to prevent the orange alerts for the mentioned mayors and yellow for the rest of the demarcations.

“There will be no rain, fortunately for the better, but there is a residual humidity in the average levels of the atmosphere, so due to the cold, frozen crystals are made, without a snowfall,” he explained.

He added that the circulation of false information was detected through social networks in which it was ensured that these frosts would cause people’s lungs to crystallize, an aspect that he denied could happen.

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These frosts can affect the skin of the people who inhabit these areas of the capital, so they must be kept hydrated. In case of using heaters, Ayala assured that the houses must be ventilated, because in any case they can run a greater risk.

The official stressed that in the face of these frosts, the nose and mouth should continue to be protected with the correct use of the mask, because in addition to being in the middle of a health contingency due to Covid-19, the City is in flu season, which can further affect health.

He specified that there is no risk that the health emergency is exacerbated by low temperatures. However, the capital government reported a few weeks ago that part of the Covid-19 infections that are currently being experienced is due to the winter and the sensitivity that exists to the disease in this time of greater cold.

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They leave the capital on New Years

The cold that was registered on January 1 caused some people to leave their homes to look for the sun, despite the Red light and the health emergency due to Covid-19 in Mexico City.

Yolanda and her family decided to take a walk on Paseo de la Reforma avenue, looking for a moment in the sun, as she assured that at home she felt very cold, although she pointed out that everyone takes care not to get sick.

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“We were very cold and the sun was very tasty, we know that the City is deserted, very pleasant,” said the neighbor from the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood. As well as Yolanda’s family, a few other people went out for a few minutes to go around this road, after celebrating the start of the New Year, mostly at home.

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