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They want to charge a Puerto Rican student $ 1.7 million for treatment after burns

Alexis Hernández, the young Puerto Rican who in 2019 suffered burns to almost his entire body after an explosion in his apartment in Mexico, still faces the debt of more than $ 1.7 million accumulated in hospital bills after the federal government demanded such an amount .

Since his burns required specific treatment, Hernández had to be transferred to a military hospital in San Antonio, in the state of Texas. There, the young Puerto Rican received the therapy required to recover, but a year later he received a letter from the United States government in which he was charged $ 1,734,769.82 for the efforts.

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In an interview with the US media CBS News, Hernández explained that he has tried to contact different federal agencies, such as the Department of the Treasury and Justice to have his debt forgiven, but to date he has not received a response.

For its part, his father’s insurer, First Medical, assured that he cannot pay the expenses since the accident occurred in Mexico.

Meanwhile, while carrying the debt, Hernández explained that he is trying to go back to school to be a doctor.

“I’m working to go back to school. Maybe with this (the debt), I won’t be able to go back,” he said during his interview.

The young man has had to undergo about 19 operations, two of those in this year, and hours of physical therapy to recover.

To repair the debt, Hernández’s family has had to resort to collections through the GoFundMe platform.

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