“They vaccinate administrators and not health personnel”, protest doctors

Members of the National Union of Health Workers in Mexico they protested outside the Medical Center The Race to denounce that not all health personnel who is in the first line has received the vaccine against covid and that the dose yes it has been applied to administrative.

The group of approximately 15 workers blocked Vallejo road from 8:00 a.m. on January 1. Rafael Soto Cruz, nurse of the Medical Center Nacional Siglo XXI and leader of the Union, indicated that they decided to protest against the simulation that has led to this crisis in the pandemic.

“That happy speech, that there are many beds, many fans, that things are fine and that the curve has flattened, is what led us to the catastrophe we have today,” he criticized.

He explained that they decided to protest in The Race because it is one of the hospitals where there have been more infections of covid-19 in health personnel and that unfortunately some of his colleagues have also died.

“Yesterday they were talking about gandalism with the vaccinationsThat first the operational personnel and then the civil servants, those who are at their desks, those who make politics and get rich with the tenders, those are being vaccinated, “he said.

Ana Paola de Cosio Farías, endocrinologist pediatrician who worked in the area covid of the Medical Center Nacional Siglo XXI, explained by telephone that he resigned because they did not apply the vaccine against covid and they wanted me to continue treating patients with coronavirus, although there were already other immunized workers.

“My anger at this time is that the front line personnel are not vaccinated, because only the health of the doctors, nurses and the rest of the personnel is put at risk, such as orderlies and quartermaster who are on the front line,” he denounced.

De Cosio Farías said that the front line personnel are being vaccinated, but not all, since neither she nor another colleague of hers from the nursing area appeared on the vaccination lists, but the dose to administrative staff.

“If the dose are limited, but apply to staff not on the front line, when the call will come vaccine to personnel in other states. Let it be known that people who are not on the front line are being vaccinated and that something be done to vaccine it really reaches out to those at greatest risk, “he said.

Meanwhile, Soto Cruz also pointed out that the bond covid It was not delivered to all the personnel who are on the front line against this disease and that about 77 thousand workers who have been hired in these months of pandemic they have no benefit.

“We are heroes on TV, we are heroes when we die, we deserve medals and gold letters written in Congress, but when the contract ends, you go to the streets,” he criticized.

(Luis Ramos)

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