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They urge the UN to act against the Myanmar Junta

The protests that have taken place since February added another layer, with the death sentence of 19 people for the alleged murder of a soldier. In parallel, up to 14 policemen were killed in the northeast of the country, during an attack organized by various ethnic guerrillas. The violence does not stop in a Myanmar in which many civilians demand measures and sanctions by the UN Security Council, rejected in turn by the military, who refuse to receive one of their envoys.

Myanmar suffered a new bloody day. This Saturday, April 10, and for the first time since the February military coup, a court martial decided to sentence 19 citizens to death. Those convicted are accused of having killed a soldier from the Rangoon neighborhood in March.

Currently, only two of the defendants are under arrest. The public news channel MRTV, controlled by the military junta, broadcast his photos on Friday night. The other 17 convicted of their rebellion carry arrest warrants for the alleged death.

In the midst of this decision, this Saturday, several groups of ethnic guerrillas attacked a group of policemen in the Shan state, in the northeast of the country. The guerrillas killed at least 14 policemen and left at least five officers wounded and two missing, according to a witness who spoke to Burmese news portal Irrawaddy.

According to the witness, the assault was initiated by the same groups that at the end of March issued an ultimatum to the military junta for the brutal repression against the demonstrations. To date, neither group had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Despite the bloody repression by the armed forces, which killed more than 600 people, thousands of protesters took to the streets of the country again to express their opposition to the coup plotters.

I veto the arrival of a United Nations envoy

Along these lines, Burmese civilians on Friday called on the United Nations Security Council to crack down on the junta. The military in command have once again refused to receive the UN envoy, Christine Schraner Burgener, who is on a tour of Asia.

“I regret that the Tatmadaw (official name of the Burmese army) answered me yesterday that they are not willing to receive me. I am willing to dialogue. Violence never leads to sustainable peaceful solutions,” the UN envoy said on Twitter.

Christine Schraner Burgener is due to visit China in the next few days, a historical ally of the military, which emphatically refuses any sanction against Myanmar.

“We must insist that the military authorities allow the UN special envoy to visit Myanmar without preconditions,” US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield told an informal meeting of Security Council members.

More specifically, his Estonian counterpart Sven Jürgenson called for a Council resolution including sanctions against Myanmar, with an international arms embargo.

For Burmese civilians, who spoke at Friday’s Security Council meeting, the international community has so far not responded to the challenge.

With EFE and Reuters

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