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They try to cross up to 6 times; EU returns them in less than 24 hours

Chihuahua.— Crying, hugging their daughters and resisting the frustration of having failed in a new try Finding peace is the only thing left for Julia and Ana María, Guatemalan women who returned from the United States to Juarez City, Chihuahua, and those who are currently in the hostel municipal Kiki Romero. Both were returned without having had the opportunity to present their cases to a judge.

With uncontrollable tears, Julia Vázquez, 27, hugs her daughter, four. Meanwhile, she tries to understand why she was once again denied the possibility of reuniting with her husband and son, whom she has not seen in more than three years.

The situation of unsafety and poverty of her family in Guatemala was unsustainable, therefore, she says, her husband and her eldest son fled to the United States, where they managed to intern; However, for Julia and her little girl there are already six frustrated attempts to enter.

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“As we were poor, [mi esposo] He went to the other side and took my other son, so we tried to go: they said there was a pass and we left. You see yourself in great suffering: cold, hunger, thirst … to be deported again ”, reflects Julia.

The woman is on this border after having crossed Reynosa, Tamaulipas, and feels lost because she does not have money or clarity about what she will do in the next few days, especially after the suffering her daughter was exposed to to get to the north of Mexico.

“It hurts me. We suffered with my daughter so many things on the way, we went and migration caught us. Only one night they left us and they returned us again ”.


No right to speak

For Ana María Moreno and her five-year-old daughter, the story is not very different.

“I’m sad. The trip has been very hard. I was going with the proof that I have been fleeing my country and I was hoping that they would support me ”, she says through tears, while she takes care of her daughter, who has been vomiting for three days.

The esperanza of Ana María to offer her daughter a better future was exhausted in less than 24 hours, because the immigration authorities They did not even give her the opportunity for an audience to narrate the terrible situation that, alone, she and her daughter face in Guatemala.

“If I made the decision [de migrar] it was because I wanted protection for my daughter, but they didn’t listen to me, we didn’t have the right to speak, they didn’t care ”.

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Regarding humanitarian conditions for Ana María and her daughter, arrive at the municipal shelter Kiki Romero, in Ciudad Juárez, was a relief, because the night before they slept on a mat at floor level, covered with an aluminum bag in a space with many other migrants ready to be returned to Mexico.

Under Title 42, related to public health risks, the United States returns 100 people a day, said Rogelio Pinal, director of Human Rights for the municipality.

Along with them, another 38 people were received in that new space, which was enabled last weekend and opened its doors on Monday, with the purpose of venting the existing shelters, due to the increase in the flow of migrants in the city.

Deported again

Rogelio Pinal Castellanos, director of Human rights of the municipality, explained that, under Title 42, related to public health risks, the United States is returning about 100 people a day, for which it was necessary to adapt this space in a dignified way.

Derived from the guidelines of the Ministry of Health (Ssa), the shelters and shelters in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, are operating at 50% or 60% of their capacity, so it is expected that they will be insufficient to serve migrants who are returned to the country under this new scheme.

38 migrants They were received at the Kiki Romero municipal shelter, set up for the weekend.

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