They steal a van of values ​​and take millionaire loot in Toluca

More than a million pesos stolen, it was the juicy loot that thieves took during the assault on a stock van, in Toluca, State of Mexico this Wednesday.

As a result of this robbery, two guards were wounded by firearms, in the assault that was perpetrated in the morning, in a self-service shopping center on the Alfredo del Mazo road in the Mexican capital.

How did they rob the stock van?

The gunmen shot and assaulted the staff of the stock van to take the millionaire loot, calculated at just over a million pesos. The guards were surprised when they left a self-service store in San Lorenzo Tepaltitlán, in Toluca, and that was where the assailants committed the robbery.

The criminals shot at the employees of the stock van in the parking lot of the place and managed to injure them, after which they stole the money and later fled in a white van that they left near the place of the robbery.

As a result of this robbery, two guards were injured. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Assaults continue

The Mexican authorities initiated an investigation into these events and hope to find the responsible for the firearm injuries suffered by the guards of the stock van, in addition to find the millionaire loot they took.

It is known that during the Christmas season with the Christmas and New Year holidays, assaults increase and although with the pandemic due to the new coronavirus COVID-19 the State of Mexico returned to a red light until next January 10, crime has continued to do his thing.

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