They slaughtered a Paraguayan youtuber in Florencio Varela

A 24-year-old Paraguayan boy He was found yesterday with his throat cut in a ditch in the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varela and it is being investigated whether they attacked him after a dispute with other people of the same nationality, police sources reported.

The body of the victim, identified by the Police as Nery Ariel Aguilera Cardozo (24), was found in a ditch located on Los Tilos streets, between 527 and La Paloma, in the aforementioned town in the southern suburbs.

Police sources indicated to Télam that the body was found by the young man’s partner, named Anahí Duarte Verón, with whom he had a small son, although they did not currently live together.

After a survey of the area by members of the 2nd police station, a SUBE card and a cell phone were found about 15 meters from the body, as well as a light blue backpack with personal and work hygiene items belonging to the victim.

These elements were kidnapped by order of the prosecutor of the case, Mariana Dongiovanni, who entrusted the Scientific Police with a series of expert reports,

According to the initial proceedings, the experts determined that the victim presented a stab wound to the right neck area.

Meanwhile, the couple of the murdered young man told the investigators that Cardozo He had a YouTube channel that was highly questioned by citizens of the same nationality for the ways of life and customs that he displayed there.

The researchers determined that in this framework, the young had received several threats and he was even rebuked once when he was traveling by train with his girlfriend.

For this reason, the main hypothesis of the investigations points to the motive for the crime was a dispute between Paraguayan citizens over racist issues.

In turn, the prosecutor Dongiovanni ordered the collection of images, both from public and private security cameras, and to interview the residents of the neighborhood where the body was found in order to obtain clues about the murderer or murderers.

Meanwhile, in the next few hours the autopsy operation will be carried out in the morgue of the Ezpeleta cemetery to establish the mechanics and date of death, among other issues of interest to the cause, titled as “homicide”.

For their part, the victim’s partner said this afternoon to TV Chronicle said the last contact she had with Cardozo It was when he was going home and on his cell phone, he told him agitated that “they were following him.”

“He was happy because recently we got back together and because he saw his son again,” said the woman, adding: “He was a very loving father, he was his son’s best friend.”

Source: Télam

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