They set fire to two vehicles that were for sale

The Juarez Journal

Saturday, 02 January 2021 | 18:10

Juarez City- Two vehicles that are for sale in the market known as La Curva, by the Carlos Amaya perimeter, were almost completely burned, after this Saturday afternoon they were set on fire using gasoline.

According to reports from a watchman who is in this market, in the western part of the city, it was four young-looking individuals who arrived carrying gallons of fuel, doused it on the vehicles that are for sale and set them on fire. .

He commented that when he saw what they were doing, he yelled at them and they only managed to damage two units, a Ford Explorer truck and a Hyundai Sonata car, both of recent model, but apparently they were trying to destroy the half dozen vehicles of different makes and models that were parked at the intersection of Nahoas and Nahualtecos streets, in the Azteca neighborhood.

It was revealed that the four subjects ran up the blocks, where they were waiting in a pick-up truck, but no details of this vehicle were given.

The affected units were on the edges of the row of vehicles parked in that place, but there were half a dozen of those that were offered for sale when parked by the Carlos Amaya perimeter.

Elements of the Fire Department arrived within minutes and extinguished the two vehicles that were on fire, and although the fire did not consume them, they were almost completely affected.

Municipal and state police also arrived at the scene, who began the investigation into the attack on these units, according to what was announced.

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