They say goodbye to 2020 in Juchitán with a message against covid, but … and the mask?


For more than a century, the last nights of the old year are accompanied by the music of flutes and drums of the young people who dress up as the old men or hueelus, as it is said in Zapotec from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

But this year of the pandemic, the old people do not wear the regional clothing, but take with them the antiviral insulating suit, mouth and nose masks and their antibacterial gel.

‘Out of control’ Covid infections in Juchitán

His partner of this old man, another young man dressed as a woman, does wear the Isthmian garment, but this 2020 he added a protective mask to his female mask …

It is an attempt so that this tradition is not lost, like all those that covid-19 overshadowed in the year that is gone.

A way to raise awareness in people that we must still take care of ourselves because the risk of COVID-19 infection is still latent. So people have always waited for these shows every end of December, so we look for a way of how to make people understand from a tradition ”, mentioned Héctor Villalobos López.

They declare quarantine in Juchitán hospital due to covid-19 infections

Traditionally, the old people walk the streets of Juchitán requesting financial support from those who entertain themselves with their presence, but this time apart from dancing, they distributed antibacterial gel and tried to make their countrymen aware that COVID-19 infections are still high and still there are many people in the streets.

Because this is not a game, here in Juchitán many people like it is worth it and that should not be, we have to take care of ourselves and protect ourselves, ”said Elmer Núñez, who preserves the tradition of the Hueelus.

‘Our house is going to fall!’; earthquake shakes Juchitán again

Although deficiencies were the constant this year, they also received coins from those who left their homes to follow the tradition, but not without first disinfecting the money and saving it.

Between June and July 2020, in Juchitán de Zaragoza there were between six and nine deaths a day from covid -19, and so far in the pandemic 326 isthmeans have died.

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