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They reveal the cause of the accident that almost ended the life of Tiger Woods: the mysteries that could remain unsolved

The "black box" of Tiger Woods' truck provided key information for the investigation (Photo: Reuters)
The “black box” of Tiger Woods’ truck provided key information for the investigation (Photo: Reuters)

The investigation into the accident Tiger Woods keeps all the fans that the golfer has around the world in suspense. The mysteries of what happened on that Los Angeles highway could disappear –In part– during the next few hours when the official versions are released, although apparently several open questions will remain.

The North American medium TMZ announced that the 45-year-old athlete’s confusion occurred due to speeding, according to the data that the agents of the “black box” of that Genesis GV80 model 2021 truck managed to collect. However, they warned that there may be more things in history “that we may never know”.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva is expected to confirm the version of speeding in the next few hours, as the parameters provided by the “black box” of the SUV would show that Tiger accelerated at the moment of the collision and that when he lost control the vehicle even gained speed. One aspect to bear in mind is that this part of the road is a winding section and in which accidents usually occur.

However, the aforementioned medium supports the mystery around the investigation based on two main pillars: they do not know if Woods was conscious when he lost control of the truck and they also didn’t have a warrant to inspect his cell phone.

The Sheriff’s Department he does not know if the successful athlete was lucid when he rushed down the embankment. To top it off, police sources say that Tiger I did not remember anything of what happened, something that could well be associated with the speculation that it hit “Three or four times the head with something hard in the cabin”.

At the same time, they will not be able to determine if you were taking a call or sending a message for some application at the time of the accident since an order to check the cell phone was not issued. According to the sources consulted by TMZ, the Department considered “That had no probable cause” to inspect the apparatus, although this seems to be common in accident investigations.

This is how Woods' vehicle ended after the accident (Photo: Reuters)
This is how Woods’ vehicle ended after the accident (Photo: Reuters)

The aura of mystery is even greater considering that just a few days ago Sheriff Alex Villanueva himself warned that the investigation had been concluded, but he stated: “There are some privacy concerns when disclosing information, we will ask (Woods and his staff) if they waive privacy. So then we can make a complete publication ”.

One detail, no less, is that in the first hours after the collision the County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference in which it ruled out that Woods had consumed any substance that could influence his alertness to drive. “He did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any type of narcotic”they said at the time.

From what could be rebuilt, Tiger crashed around 7 a.m. in Rolling Hills Estates when his vehicle left the road, crossed two lanes, collided with a tree and ended up on the side of the road. A young rookie firefighter was the key player in his rescue. After the operations that had to be performed on him for the leg injuries, the golfer left the hospital in early March and went home to Florida where he continues to recover. “I am happy to report that I have returned home and continue my recovery there. I am very grateful for the many support and encouragement received during the last weeks, “he wrote at the time on his social networks.


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