The authorities continue to search for the minor Sara Sofía.

They reveal a new possible whereabouts of Sara Sofía

This Tuesday the youngest is turning two years old.

Sara Sofía, 23 months old, was reported as disappeared by her relatives since last January 15, 2021. The minor lived with her aunt, her mother’s sister and who had custody of the girl.

But her mother took her away one day and later appeared saying that the minor died and that she was thrown into the Tunjuelito river. However, he later claimed that he gave it to a person.

That is why the researchers believe otherwise.

They reveal a new possible whereabouts of Sara Sofía

In the last hours, Sara Sofía’s aunt assured that she received a hopeful call.

Ximena Galván, sister of Carolina Galván and who had custody of the minor in recent months, gave another clue to the authorities.

This woman indicated that she received a call last week from a man. The person told him that the minor was in another city and not in Bogotá.

According to this version, the minor was sold to a couple in Bucaramanga.

In addition, the person who called the aunt told her that her sister Carolina received two million pesos for the girl.

Currently the mother and her ex-partner are detained for the crime of forced disappearance. Both continue to provide the authorities with versions in which they contradict each other.

The little girl’s relatives trust the authorities to find her.

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