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They rescue a man who got lost with his dogs on the hill

Juarez City- The Municipal Public Security Secretariat reported through a statement that agents assigned to the Central District Police Station helped a male and his two dogs who were lost on the hill near the Ampliación Felipe Ángeles neighborhood.

The police action took place after municipal agents who carried out prevention and surveillance work in the aforementioned neighborhood, answered a call received to the emergency number 911, where they reported a lost male at the height of Camino Real and Calle Navojoa, indicated the corporation.

Immediately the agents went to the place of the report, where they interviewed the sister of the missing person, who reported that her brother had gone out for a walk in the company of his two dogs and when he entered his social network, he realized that this He had published that he was lost on the hill at a height of 1,500 meters and that he did not have a GPS to be able to return on his own to the road, in addition to being exposed to low temperatures both as he and his two pets, the statement said.

So when he dialed his phone to be able to track him he could no longer have contact with him, the officers quickly implemented search actions, locating said male in a period of 2 hours and 48 minutes in the company of his two dogs, which they presented symptoms of hypothermia, for which they proceeded to provide immediate help, authorities said.

In the same way, after being helped and medically checked by the corresponding personnel, the man thanked the police for the support received since he feared for his integrity and that of his two dogs, making them arrive home safely.

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