They rescue a family that got lost on the hill

Juarez City- Agents of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat assigned to the Central District Police Station, assisted four members of a family who were lost on the hill, in addition to providing first aid to one of their 5-year-old children, after suffering a head injury.

The intervention occurred after municipal police officers who were carrying out prevention and surveillance tasks in the Border neighborhood, answered a call received to the emergency number 911, where they reported that four people were lost on the hill, the statement said.

Immediately the preventive agents moved to the intersection of the Camino Real and Navojoa, where they began an exhaustive search for the place to try to locate them, thus managing to find a family made up of two adults of 23 and 27 years old and two children of 5 years, in a period of approximately three hours, which is why they were given assistance, the corporation indicated.

It should be mentioned that one of the children had a head injury after suffering a fall, which was treated by the officers, and then requested the support of a Red Cross unit, who were in charge of providing the necessary medical attention.

Who after being helped and put to safety, thanked the police for the support received since it would have been impossible for them to find their way at nightfall and not have a way to orient themselves, the authorities reported.

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