They report serious doctor for vaccine against Covid; IMSS rejects it

Rolando Chacón / Reform Agency

Friday, January 01, 2021 | 21:58

Monclova— Relatives of a doctor from the IMSS Clinic 7 in Monclova reported that Pfizer’s Covid vaccine caused adverse reactions in the woman, who would have had seizures and fell unconscious.

The doctor was transferred to the Clinic 25 de Especialidades in Monterrey, where the IMSS affirms that her reactions were “mild.”

Before the reports of relatives of Karla Cecilia Pérez to the local media in Monclova, the IMSS Coahuila affirmed that the doctor has a “good” state of health and her transfer corresponds to the security protocol for the application of the Covid vaccine.

Local media reported that the IMSS internist doctor presented numbness in the limbs half an hour after the Pfizer Covid vaccine was applied, and after that she presented lack of mobility and even seizures.

“Before ten o’clock in the morning, yesterday Thursday, she was talking and saying how she felt, then the seizures began to happen more often, to the point of leaving her unconscious,” according to a cousin of the doctor.

In a statement, the IMSS Coahuila reported that two workers at the Institute had a reaction to the vaccine, but none is serious.

“(Of 1,609 IMSS workers vaccinated), only two have presented mild allergic reactions,” Social Security reported.

“The first event corresponds to a specialist from the HGZ Number 1 who remained in hospital surveillance for an hour, left her home and so far is in perfect health condition,” said the IMSS.

“The second event corresponds to a worker from HGZ Number 7 in Monclova, who for security reasons was channeled to a UMAE in Nuevo León”

Social Security says the doctor does not have serious reactions to the vaccine.

“Her health is good and the transfer corresponded to the third-level follow-up and care protocol. It is false that one doctor was” intubated “and that another had facial paralysis.”

Social Security asked doctors to trust the efficacy of the Covid vaccine.

“The IMSS Coahuila Representation Office reaffirms the commitment to inform with transparency and opportunity and calls on the population not to mistrust biologics and to remember that in medical history vaccines have represented salvation for multiple diseases.”

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