They register abrupt floods in the mountain rivers of Córdoba – Night shift

Important millimeters rained as in Cruz del Eje, with 120 millimeters; in Soto, 85; in San Marcos, in Punilla, in Bialet Massé and Santa María, 80 “, detailed the head of Civil Defense.

As a result of the intense rainfall, flooding was registered “in some houses such as Soto, Bialet Massé and Valle Hermoso”.

He clarified, however, that “for now, there are no evacuees.”

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Meanwhile, the Civil Defense of Carlos Paz indicated to Chain 3 that is awaiting a flood of up to 2.5 meters that will enter the Cuesta Blanca area, will reach the flow of the San Antonio River and will be added to the San Roque dam reservoir.

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In the town of La Higuera, in the Cruz del Eje department, there were roof blasting and falling trees, according to the head of the Fire Commission, Ernesto Díaz.

“A team works in Soto helping families with stagnant water in their houses and three units in La Higuera. We receive support from the people of San Marcos Sierras. There are people who have to evacuate, because it was on the other side of the San Guillermo river in Villa de Soto, “he explained.

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At the end of the day, Concha specified Chain 3 that the floods were registered after noon and in the afternoon, mainly in the Punilla area.

“In the San Antonio River the stream rose with a maximum peak of 2.20 meters in the Cuesta Blanca area. The San Roque lake also grew by about 80 centimeters in the Cabalango area, where the ford of that sector was cut off” , he indicated.

Concha also specified that other rivers also grew, including the Rio Cosquín, the Rio de Panaholma, the Rio de Santa Rosa, the Rio de los Reartes, the Rio de San Clemente, mainly.

Interview with Guillermo López and Gustavo Vinderola. Report by Tomás Villagra and Abelardo Fonseca.

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