They receive the year with a “serenade” of shots into the air in Culiacán

Culiacán, Sin.- The old tradition of saying goodbye to the year and welcoming the new year with long serenades with shots in the air of all kinds and calibers of firearms, including automatic ones, was repeated again in all sectors of the state capital, despite the operation that was deployed with during the Christmas holidays with the Army, the National Guard and the police.

Like every end of the year, the state capital returned to shaking, due to the continuous detonations, both from high-powered fireworks, and from the chains of bursts of fire from automatic weapons, such as the AK-47 and the AR-15.

The city, from very early on, was deserted, most of the families celebrated sheltered in their homes, this time, for two essential reasons: the pandemic and the fear of stray bullets.

Despite calls from the Health sector and the State Public Safety Council not to acquire or detonate fireworks and not to make the situation more difficult, with the celebration with shots into the air in Culiacán, the recommendations were not followed.

In neighborhoods such as Universitarios, La Lima, Seis de Enero, Seis, Cinco de Febrero, Tierra Blanca, Las Quintas, La Campiña, La Miguel Hidalgo, Villas del Río, Infonavit Cañadas, Barrancos, Infonavit Las Flores and La Guadalupe, the shootings began minutes before midnight and culminated in the first 30 minutes of the new year.

Marco Cesar Zamudio Amezquita, Head of the Traumatology and Orthopedics Service of the General Hospital, from very early on, issued an alert to parents not to buy fireworks for their children, given the damage it causes in minors, when these devices explode them near their hands or faces.

He warned that each year, dozens of patients with injuries to arms, legs, faces or eyes, are treated in the emergency services for the handling of explosive articles, the sale of which is prohibited.


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