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They raided a field in Balcarce that had a zoo …

Faced with the complaint for an alleged illegal animal farm, The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation decided on Wednesday afternoon to raid a field in the town of Balcarce, at the express request of the Federal Court of Mar del Plata. The surprise was greater as soon as the Environmental Control Brigade set foot on the farm: more than 300 live animals of wild fauna lived in captivity, among them, tigers, buffalo and deer.

In addition, they found on the spot with 25 hunting “trophies”, according to what was reported by the Ministry itself, including the leather of a puma and the taxidermy of a deer. For their part, the officials sThey found four firearms and a compressed air rifle.

The procedure was developed in a rural property located on National Route 226. The inspectors of the Ministry of the Environment confirmed the violation of the current regulations (Law No. 22421) that regulate the management of wildlife and the possession and marketing of products and by-products of animals.

The Ministry made an inventory of the entire eccentric iletal zoo. In total, the following animals lived in captivity: 2 tigers, 14 red deer, 12 antelopes, 6 axis deer, 57 lady deer —48 adults and nine young—, 1 guanaco, 10 pumas —8 adults and 2 young—, 20 turkeys. royal, 1 wild cat, 1 llama, 1 buffalo, 150 mouflon, 2 rhea, 9 wild boar, 1 red partridge, 1 talking parrot, 1 yellow cardinal, 1 black queen, 1 orange tree, 1 Spanish goldfinch and 1 yellow, 3 common ties , 1 tufted blackbird, 2 common starlings and 2 red-capped cardinals. From the portfolio led by Juan Cabandié they confirmed that an evacuation plan will be developed to guarantee their well-being.

On the other hand, the “hunting trophies”, which were confiscated by the BCA, consist of: a puma hide, a hide, an antler and four axis deer taxidermies, four red deer antlers, one taxidermy and 14 antlers of lady deer and an antelope taxidermy from India.

The operation was motivated by anonymous complaints received by the national Ministry of Environment, which ensured the presence of wildlife in the area. In this context, the portfolio initiated an administrative investigation and turned the proceedings over to the Justice, who ordered the search. It was carried out jointly with personnel from the Mar del Plata Federal Operational Unit, former Mar del Plata delegation, of the Argentine Federal Police.

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