They question whether officials apply COVID-19 vaccine in Coahuila; S

After officials from various health agencies were included in the first vaccination days against COVID-19 in Coahuila, the State Health Secretariat defended said process arguing that they are personnel who continuously go to medical units where patients infected with the disease are treated directly. disease.

As stated by the Federal Government, the first vaccines in the country would be destined for medical personnel who are on the front line of battle against the coronavirus, This is why the process observed in Coahuila raised questions.

“With regard to the information disseminated on the vaccination process against COVID-19, particularly with regard to the head of Sanitary Jurisdiction Number 2, based in Ciudad Acuña, the Secretary of Health of Coahuila clarifies: the vaccination applied to Dr. Guillermo Herrera Téllez was contemplated within the programming carried out by this Secretariat ”, exposed.

And, in that sense, he pointed out that said decision was determined under the following criteria:

1.- It is important to clarify that as part of its functions, it is supervising – continuously and in person – medical units in which COVID19 patients are directly cared for.

2.- Maintains direct contact with doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who participate in the fight against COVID-19, as well as with infected patients and their families.

3.- Additionally, Dr. Herrera Téllez attends the COVID-19 mobile sampling module (drive thru), located within the facilities of the Sanitary Jurisdiction of the municipality of Acuña.

4.- In that sense, it is appropriate to remember that during the month of September, the COVID-19 test was positive.

5.- For the reasons described above, it is that the Heads of Health Jurisdiction are considered within the staff to receive the biological.


On said application to heads of Sanitary Jurisdiction, directors of hospitals and even delegates or managers of agencies such as the ISSSTE, authorities of the State Government they manifested in the same sense as the Ministry of Health.

“The list was made by each of the institutions, the Governor’s instruction was very clear that state personnel, that all public officials who do not were in the first line of COVID-19 care, they are not candidates for the vaccine.

“And that is the instruction that has been followed on the subject of the lists that have been made by the state hospitals, the jurisdictions. And well, each of the institutions is responsible for making their lists, all doctors will ultimately have access to this right that is being generated from the vaccine. We must ask them not to despair, that we are going to continue working hand in hand with the different institutions “, exposed Fernando Simon Gutierrez, General Coordinator of Communication of the Government of Coahuila, this day in Monclova.

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