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They prosecute a military man for raping his daughter for more than ten years and leaving her serious consequences | Chronicle

The justice of Santa Cruz prosecuted and seized a military officer from the city of Río Gallegos arrested and accused of sexual abuse against his daughter for more than ten years, informed judicial sources.

The resolution, signed by the criminal judge Marcela Quintana, ordered the prosecution with preventive detention of FAV for the crime of “seriously outrageous sexual abuse in a real contest with sexual abuse with repeated carnal access, both aggravated by the relationship and by the pre-existing coexistence situation” and “embargo on the assets of the named as a precautionary measure for the sum of eight hundred thousand pesos ($ 800,000) “.

In dialogue with Télam, the victim’s lawyer, Jovita vivar, said that the young “He cannot speak because he is undergoing medical treatment and suffers serious consequences from the abuses, rapes, beatings and threats that this subject inflicted on him during most of his life.”

“The young woman, who is now 29 years old, dared to give me details of her ailments; although I estimate that it will take years for her to recover from the consequences that the events perpetrated by that psychopath caused her“added the lawyer.

The lawyer explained that the facts “They started when the girl was nine years old and lasted, with more abuse, rape and humiliation, until she was 21.”

Vivar said that “These actions began in the Air Force house that the family occupied near the hospital and then continued in a neighborhood of the city to which they moved; but the most striking thing is that it is proven that many of the attacks they suffered were in the force property where the subject worked in the human resources area when he took the girl to his guards. “

“In forty years of criminal justice, I have never seen a case like this assured the visibly impressed lawyer.

The lawyer considered that “the girl, her mother and her brothers will have to recover” of what happened and, with respect to the penalty that they will request in a future oral trial, he said that ” the maximum is twenty years, but the consequences will play out for the whole family group, since there is a history of touching another member of the family“and they are going to present it too.

Judicial sources informed Télam that the accused, detained in the first police station, did not testify.

“The truth is that justice now acted very quickly. He was arrested immediately”, Vivar said when considering that the young woman had tried a complaint three years ago, but that “Out of fear he did not follow her and the cause remained sleeping until last December.”

Finally, he considered that “justice always comes”.

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