They pan for vaccine; head of hospital is dismissed; got his family in line


Less than a week after starting the vaccination against covid-19 in Mexico, it is already dealing with abusers.

José Rogel Romero, director of the Adolfo López Mateos Hospital, located in the State of Mexico, was dismissed after it was learned that he used his influence so that his wife and one of his daughters were vaccinated, although they are not medical personnel nor did they have to receive doses.

This case was aired yesterday by President López Obrador in his conference. He condemned the event and recalled that for now the priority is to immunize those on the front line of battle against the pandemic.

Meanwhile, in the CDMX, unionized workers from the capital government tried to enter by force the El Vergel Military Hospital, in Iztapalapa, so that they would be given the vaccine even though they were not on the list to receive it. Given the refusal, they blocked Periférico.

At the El Vergel Military Hospital, in Iztapalapa, health personnel came to be inoculated with covid-19 from five in the morning, but the disorganization caused long lines for hours. Photo: Cuartoscuro


The federal and state governments warned that cases of influentialism for the application of vaccines against COVID-19, such as those of the State of Mexico and Mexico City, will be investigated and sanctioned.

Yesterday, the IMSS announced that it is analyzing the possible sanction of two systems engineers, who were allegedly vaccinated against covid-19 in the Twelfth Motorized Cavalry Regiment of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), where the system is being administered. biological in Piedras Negras.

The Sedena will determine the sanctions to which they will be subjected and the legal area of ​​the IMSS also investigates the issue.

On Tuesday, the application of the biological began in the border city, where it was mentioned that 29 people who did not belong to the medical personnel of the first line of battle against the pandemic were vaccinated against the coronavirus.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador insisted on his call to respect the shifts assigned by age for the application of the vaccine against covid-19.

We all have to help and let it be known that it is immoral to skip or skip the line, it is immoral, ”he said.

He referred to the case of influentialism of the director of the Adolfo López Mateos hospital, in Rayón, State of Mexico, José Rogel Romero, who used his position to have his family vaccinated, despite the provision to immunize only those who care for covid patients.

The investigation was carried out and in effect, yes, a family that did not receive the vaccine arrived and with influentialism they were vaccinated, a doctor, his wife and one or two of his daughters, “he said.

The events were allegedly recorded on December 24, when the vaccination was carried out at the facilities of the 22 Military zone, located in the Santa María Rayón municipality, where the director of the hospital went, where he was being considered for the vaccination.

Regarding the case, in which military personnel were not involved, the Secretary of Health of the State of Mexico reported that in the place the Sedena established a control in each of the 10 vaccination posts, after sending a form to the covid hospitals , where each director was entrusted to designate the staff of their medical unit who would receive the biological, who would later be sent a QR code.

It established that, however, there was an error on the part of the company hired for the design of the system that would allow to confirm the assistance of the beneficiaries, which, it said, caused lack of control and that the health personnel did not come at the assigned time.

He said that due to the failure of the system, the registry of vaccinated people was done manually and it was jointly decided to immunize the emergent personnel who were present and belonged to all health institutions.

Later it turned out that Rogel Romero took his family to be vaccinated.

Given this, the Mexican Ministry of Health informed that this conduct will be sanctioned, first, by the internal control body of the local agency and will be given a hearing to the state Comptroller General, for which it was reported that he will be temporarily separated from his position .

Disagreements with the poor organization at the El Vergel Military Hospital blocked circulation in Periférico. Photo: Rodolfo Dorantes


Annoyance, anger, long lines and crowds were among capital health personnel in the application of the vaccine outside the El Vergel Military Hospital, in Iztapalapa.

Doctors, nurses and other specialists from hospitals such as José María Morelos y Pavón, from the ISSSTE, and Belisario Domínguez, in Tláhuac, were summoned to receive their dose at the military facilities.

However, they accused bad organization between the local authorities and the military, for which they blocked for a few minutes the circulation in Periférico Oriente Canal de Garay.

Apparently, the lists for the application of vaccines were not respected and other people benefited.


The head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, disapproved of the attitude of leaders and members of Section 12 of the Single Union of Workers of the Government of Mexico City (SUTGCDMX), who tried to enter the El Vergel Zone Military Hospital.

We are not going to allow, under any circumstances, that a leader of a section or a union commissioner who is not in charge of the COVID generates any influence or by any means wants to enter the list that the federal Ministry of Health has been coordinating. We are going to apply administrative and criminal sanctions to whoever wants to do this, we are not going to allow it; here there is no influentialism, “he said.

The leader of the FSTSE, Joel Ayala, warned that this type of action forces to sanction those who seek to affect the vaccination program.

We condemn and condemn all actions of anarchy and opportunism by those who have tried to violate the strategy and order of a vital vaccination program, fundamental for the health of all Mexicans, ”he stated.

-With information from Alma Gudiño, Arturo Páramo, Ángeles Velasco and Wendy Roa

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