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they measured the image of Viviana Canosa against Elisa Carrió, Milagro Sala and Verónica Magario

The consultant Jorge Giacobbe was the first to go out to measure the electoral thermometer for 2021 this year. He did it in June, when public opinion was still groggy due to the health crisis and the more rigid quarantine. But in addition, the analyst has been surprising in his studies with the evaluation of “alternative” figures. It takes into account the situation: that they have raised the profile or star in some crossover in the media. Thus, Sergio Berni, Fernán Quirós Hebe de Bonafini, Juan Grabois, Darío Lopérfido passed through the filter of his polls. AND now it was the journalist’s turn Viviana Canosa, in a particular duel against Elisa Carrió, Miracle Room and the Buenos Aires deputy governor Verónica Magario.

This is a particular case: Giacobbe was a columnist of the program Nothing personal, which the journalist conducted until the middle of the month on Channel 9. And she decided to include it in her latest work, 2,500 cases, surveyed between December 14 and 16, with +/- 2% margin of error.

Why did he do it? This is how the analyst explained it to Clarion: “The mixes we make are whimsical. In this year’s surveys we reserved a table of 5, 6 or 7 people, which we rotated, to measure the images. There is not necessarily a criterion. It is a kind of gathering of people that are resonating in the environment, that they leave, that they appear, that they say, that they have a strong moment with a statement “.

“If you look at this year – continues Giacobbe – we have the tables of the fixed, of the main ones in politics (Alberto Fernández, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Mauricio Macri, Cristina Kirchner and Axel Kicillof), and we have this one that we call ‘the table of pop-ups’, where we measure those who may have a role tomorrow. “

Viviana Canosa and her most controversial photo of the year: when she took chlorine dioxide live.

Viviana Canosa and her most controversial photo of the year: when she took chlorine dioxide live.

So Canosa can jump into politics? In the farewell broadcast, Giacobbe (along with two other panelists) interviewed the host. And he asked him about a possible jump: “I do politics all the time, but I don’t have a party that represents me. They called me from all parties, I got together with everyone, but from there I have a long way to go. I would like to get involved in the social sphere to help Argentina get back on its feet once, “replied the journalist.

He also left a strong controversy with his departure, which took place after the landing at the station of the union member and head of the Buenos Aires PJ, Víctor Santa María. “I have every feeling that they wanted to turn me over because I was absolutely uncomfortable. This year, militant journalism gave me a lot of disgust, both with chlorine dioxide (he had a drink live, when it was mentioned as a presumed antidote to Covid, something that was proven false) and the threat of the President that I was it was going to turn everything against. They were two perfect things for me to get kicked in the ass and flipped over. “

Canosa’s numbers

The total table of “emerging” that Giacobbe measured in December includes seven people in total: the four women mentioned, plus the mayors Jorge Macri (Vicente López) and Gustavo Posse (San Isidro), and the trade unionist Santa María.

Sorted by positive image, Canosa is second, with 28,7%, below Carrió (30.5%). The full driver with these numbers: 22.4% of “regular” assessment, 34.7% of “negative”, 13.1% “does not know” and 1.1% “does not know / does not answer”.

The latest national survey by Jorge Giacobbe & Asociados.

The latest national survey by Jorge Giacobbe & Asociados.

“I was struck by the low level of ignorance you have (this is a national study). The relationship between positive, negative and regular seems normal to me, they are fine “, Giacobbe analyzed.

Always according to the image in favor, the table continues like this:

3rd Jorge Macri: 28.1%.

4th Gustavo Posse: 18.1%.

5th Verónica Magario: 15%.

6th Sala Miracle: 14.1%.

7th Victor Santa Maria: 3.2%.

Furthermore, Milagro Sala is the one with the most negative image (61.4%) and Santa María is the most unknown (49.4%).

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