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They measured Fernán Quirós against 28 politicians and he was second

The first survey of 2021 of consultants D’Alessio IROL – Berensztein came with surprise. For more than two years these firms have measured the main politicians in the country; to the “classics”, and to those who are joining the public debate. One of the latest additions was Fernan Quirós. And the Buenos Aires Minister of Health was up. Well up. Ended second against 28 other politicians which were also evaluated.

D’Alessio IROL – Berensztein they probed 1,229 people throughout the country during December and this week they presented the results. Startup, as they usually do in their reports “Social and Political Humor”, summarized the main conclusions:

– “In a year marked by the pandemic, the high concern about the state of the economy has been a constant among Argentines, as has the pessimism for the future, which has been imposed since April with relative stability. “

– “The inflation the year ends being the main problem for citizens, leaving insecurity and economic uncertainty second. He fear of COVID-19 contagion rebounds in the context of the end of the year celebrations, after the decline of the previous months “.

dalessio berensztein poll positive image december

– “The proportion of the population with projects increases in December, it reached its second highest mark of the year. “

– “For the fourth month, the government image national level remains practically unchanged, with a level of dissatisfaction what beats at accordance, without managing to reverse the trend so far “.

– “The main figures of the Buenos Aires government, such as Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Diego Santilli and Fernán Quirós, and President, Alberto Fernández, occupy the main positions of the image ranking “.

Of the four leaders mentioned for their high valuation, the revelation is the Minister of Health. In studies of D’Alessio IROL – Berensztein the included for the first time in August, then in October and finally in December. It was always on the rise.

Minister Quirós, along with the Head of Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the Chief of Cabinet Felipe MIguel and the Minister of Education Soledad Acuña, days before the mandatory quarantine is decreed.  Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

Minister Quirós, along with the Head of Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the Chief of Cabinet Felipe MIguel and the Minister of Education Soledad Acuña, days before the mandatory quarantine is decreed. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

In August, Quirós added 43% positive image – the parameter that these consultants use to order their ranking. It was enough for him to share the fifth place with the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán and the former deputy Elisa Carrió.

In October, grew up 46% and only Larreta and María Eugenia Vidal surpassed it. That third place was shared with two other macristas, Patricia Bullrich and Santilli.

– In December, the positive rose to 51%, which allowed him to climb to second place, just one point from its boss in the City (Larreta).

The 27 other politicians relegated by the Buenos Aires minister of health were Vidal (47%), P. Bullrich (47%), Guzmán (45%), Santilli (44%), Alberto F. (42%), Martín Lousteau (42%), Carrió ( 42%), Luis Juez (41%), Mario Negri (40%), Axel Kicillof (40%), Cristina Kirchner (37%), Ginés González García (37%), Santiago Cafiero (36%), Rogelio Frigerio ( 35%), Miguel A. Pichetto (35%), Máximo Kirchner (34%), Roberto Lavagna (34%), Emilio Monzó (34%), Alfredo Cornejo (32%), Mauricio Macri (32%), Ricardo López Murphy (31%), Verónica Magario 31%), Matías Lammens (30%), Sergio Massa (25%), Sergio Uñac (24%), Omar Perotti (18%) and Juan Manzur (12%).

When the evaluations in favor are detailed according to the political affinity of those consulted, Quirós is the least affected by the crack: combines a 64% positive image among the voters of Together for Change and 43% among the Frente de Todos and “other forces”. Larreta, the one that follows him in this area, adds 84% ​​among the macristas, 23% among the K and 58% in the rest.

Can you be a candidate?

In mid-September, Clarion He advanced the debate that was taking place within the Buenos Aires Government and the PRO on the possibility that Quirós was a candidate in the City. Some daring also asked to evaluate the chance of doing it but in the province of Buenos Aires, the main district of the country. They were both based on the good image that the minister was beginning to show, who every morning leads a press conference to give information on the health situation.

Then and now, near the official they respond the same: “He does not want to be a candidate. And the situation with the coronavirus is complicated, with which neither could now be distracted from management nor would people like him. “In the surroundings of Quirós they admit that there is a” safe “. It would be” unless Larreta requests it. “But the strategy of the Buenos Aires head of government for legislative elections is not yet defined, so that any decision will be stretched to at least March / April.

Quirós, they even acknowledge in Kirchnerism, showed great empathy to communicate even uncomfortable measures such as quarantine restrictions. Thus, even when the numbers of infections and deaths in the city from Covid are high -Right now there is a strong reappearance-, the image of the Buenos Aires minister continues to grow.

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