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They kill an amateur soccer player in the middle of the game

Luis Fernando Morales Sánchez, a player from the San Juan Evangelista soccer team, was shot at noon after people aboard a motorcycle entered the “Gilberto Muñoz Mosqueda” sports field to execute him in front of other players

XALAPA, Veracruz.

The pandemic did not stop the soccer fans, but five bullets against one of the players suspended a tournament that was taking place in a field in the municipality of Texistepec.

Children and adults who were in the field, to support the soccer players, began to run in terror when they heard the gunshots and saw the soccer player fall, originally from the municipality of San Juan Evangelista.

It was the “Texistepec 2020” cup, with a bag of 60 thousand pesos for the winner. Teams from different municipalities participated. Luis Fernando Morales, 24, was resting after having played a game; his team advanced to the final. At that moment, a subject arrived, pushed his victim’s girlfriend away and shot her in the chest on several occasions.

A video recording captured the moment of the shots and how people ran in all directions; It is also observed how the players of his team run after the author, but apparently he was not reached, the murderer fled on a motorcycle, according to what was narrated by witnesses.

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