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They kill a young woman and injure her little daughter after several threats they received from a prison

A man who has lived in that narrow street for years told La Capital: “I heard four shots, there were any number of creatures in the square in front of the houses. They were all in the shade taking mates and how they were shooting rockets, I don’t know if they didn’t realize that it was a shooting attack. This neighborhood is quiet, but this happened yesterday. It’s your turn and that’s it. I know the girl as a kid, I don’t know what problem she may have had ”.

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The first data handled by the family and the Ledesmas’ neighbors supported one of the investigative theses: the homicide could have to do with threats from Micaela’s ex-partner, identified as Alejandro Nuñez, who is imprisoned in pavilion 4 of the Piñero prison. This man allegedly threatened Micaela with death several times and according to what they say, “he burned her house a couple of months ago.”

The prosecutor Ferlazzo did not rule out this hypothesis of the “commission” and the probable femicide, and he assured that they would follow an investigative line in that sense. In the case of Micaela was sentenced to two years in prison for the crime of carrying weapons and was serving house arrest since the Justice granted him the right to be able to take care of his little daughter. In these months he had to return behind bars for a legal breach, but had regained his freedom a few days ago.

“We are going to analyze the whole range of possibilities from the data that we have been collecting. Statements are being taken, we cannot confirm a precise line. There were attitudes of certain people in a threatening way about the Ledesma family that will be analyzed ”, risked the prosecutor Ferlazzo to add that complaints had been filed for threats from Micaela’s relatives against the girl’s former partner. “The hypothesis of femicide is treated whenever there is a violent death of a woman, we are developing the investigation,” the official summarized.

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Despite the fact that the entire argument about Alejandro Núñez’s connection with the death is based on statements and complaints from Micaela’s relatives and that the prosecutor said that he cannot confirm any theory, it was learned that the suspect of having his former partner killed He was arrested in 2015 for the crime of Cristian Machuca, a homicide linked to others that occurred in the southern zone. One of them happened on December 3, 2014 when Jorge “Chancho” Pérez, 36, was killed by a bullet in the head at the door of his house in Centeno at 200. At that time, two names resounded as possible perpetrators of the crime: “Tico” and “Maicol”.

One day later, Jonathan “Tico” Ferreira, 24, was assassinated in the Rezzara and Patricias Argentinas passage.. The boy was a partner of Rosa Liliana “Pipi” P and next to her body they found a Honda Tornado motorcycle that on January 22, 2015 was linked to another homicide.

Precisely the same January 22, 2015 Cristian “Charly” Machuca, 19 years old, was killed by eleven shots in Necochea in 1900 when he was accompanying Pipi, who was Maicol’s mother. According to relatives of the victim, they made the wrong target when they confused Machuca with Maicol.

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Micaela was once a partner of Alejandro Núñez, with whom he had Melody, the injured girl on Sunday afternoon. Among the various threats reported by the Ledesma family, one stands out in which Núñez announced that he was going to send someone to kill her and that he would also kill her relatives.

On September 22, 2019, two men appeared at the house of Liliana, Micaela’s mother, and after forcibly entering the home, they gave her a telephone to speak with a third party. According to the complaint, the one who spoke was Núñez himself with his cell phone from prison and told him that he would kill her, his daughter or the baby because he had learned that Micaela had established a relationship with another man.

On February 26, at the same address where Micaela Ledesma lived, three threatening messages were received of people who came as relatives of the girl’s father to claim custody of the little girl, which her father could not have precisely because he was detained. That same day Micaela’s mother received three more intimidating text messages.

For the time being, the prosecutor relieved surveillance cameras installed in the vicinity and took statements from the witnesses who saw the two men who shot Micaela and her daughter to find out if they actually knew them.

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