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They investigate if Píparo’s husband ran over and dragged two young people on a motorcycle and fled – Télam

The Justice of La Plata tries to determine if the husband of Carolina Píparo, the provincial deputy who ten years ago was shot during a bank leak in the city of La Plata, ran over and dragged two young men on motorcycles who had gone more than 300 meters with his car to see with other friends the traditional burning of dolls for the New Year.

Judicial sources assured to Télam that the event occurred this morning and the suspicion is that, after running over the young people, he left them abandoned without giving them help.

According to the researchers, it all started around 2.30 in the morning when Juan Ignacio Buzali and his wife Píparo were driving their black Fiat 500L and ran over two young men from the Abasto area of ​​La Plata who were traveling on a motorcycle.

According to the accounts of the victims and different witnesses, after running over the motorcycle, Buzali dragged his victims more than 300 meters, until finally the motorcycle unhooked from the car.

The victims suffered various injuries and were left lying at the scene, while Buzali and his wife fled at full speed, the sources said.

Píparo’s version

On the other hand, Carolina Píparo denounced that she was assaulted today by “motochorros” and that her husband crashed the motorcycle on which the thieves were mobilizing when they went to file a complaint for the theft.

According to Píparo’s version, several motorcycle criminals stole his wallet and his cell phone when he left his father at home after the New Year’s celebrations at 2.30 this morning at 44 between 15 and 16.

The current Secretary for Victim Assistance and Gender Policies of the Municipality of La Plata, explained that while they were on their way to make the complaint they came across the criminals who had just robbed them and tried to block their way, and, in those circumstances, their husband Juan Ignacio Buzali ran over one of the motorcycles to escape.

What the witnesses saw

However, different witnesses denied the version reported by the municipal official and assured that Píparo’s husband ran his black Fiat 500 L over two young people who were circulating on a motorcycle and that he dragged her 300 meters, to then escape without giving help to the victims .

A witness named Sergio, a friend of one of the youths run over, told the police that his friend, named Luis, had come to see the traditional burning of one of the dolls and that it had nothing to do with any robbery.

“We were twelve friends on six motorcycles. We are all from the Abasto area and we came to La Plata to see the dolls burn. I was coming back and I saw the moment when the Fiat car ran over Luis, who was coming with another friend, and both were fired, “he explained to the investigators, according to testimony to which Télam had access.

According to this complaint, both young men were injured on the floor, while the car in which Píparo was riding escaped without providing assistance to the victims.

In addition, he related that Luis’s motorcycle, a Honda XR250, was under the Fiat and was dragged more than 300 meters, to 22nd Street, between 37 and 38, when it unhooked and was thrown.

“He rammed him, dragged the motorcycle more than 400 meters and never helped him. I myself, who was coming back in a car, stopped to help my friend and take him to Hospital San Martín with a cut on his head,” said Sergio.

The friends of the wounded young man chased Píparo’s Fiat and managed to make him stop in the Plaza Moreno area, where there were also personnel from the Urban Guard of the Municipality of La Plata.

Registered images

Meanwhile, a video filmed by a woman shows the moment in which Píparo’s husband was detained by police officers and several people accuse him of having run over two young men on a motorcycle and escaping from the scene.

In that video that went viral on social networks, Buzali did not say that he was assaulted and barely managed to say that the injured young people were treated by SAME personnel.

Faced with this situation, the investigators analyzed different security cameras in the area to try to determine the sequence of the event, since they do not even have proof that there was a theft reported publicly and on the social network Twitter by Píparo.

The fact is investigated by the prosecutor on duty of the La Plata Judicial Department, Eugenia Di Lorenzo, who ordered different procedures, including a blood alcohol test on Píparo’s husband to determine if he was alcoholic at the time of the event.

In addition, she called to testify to the municipal official and her husband, so that they tell their version of what happened.

He also asked that the two young men who were run over and the different witnesses who appeared in the media be summoned to testify.

Is that although in principle the fact began to be investigated as a robbery where the municipal official was a victim, the investigators did not rule out the possibility that the prosecutor could recall the cause to culpable injuries and abandonment of person.

The motorcycle driver was taken to Hospital San Martín, where he was treated for various blows and a cutting wound to the head.

Meanwhile, his companion was also referred to a health center, where he was treated and then discharged.

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