They identify a murdered woman in networks; disappeared while taking Uber

Ciudad Juárez— This Tuesday it unofficially emerged that the woman who was found dead yesterday Monday in the Hacienda de Santa Fe subdivision, is Elisa Rivera Gandarilla, 25, who had disappeared after leaving her home and having taken an Uber vehicle .

The woman has been missing since last weekend. Until the closing of this edition, the State Attorney General’s Office did not rule out the version that emerged on social networks, where the investigation of the absent woman was shared up to 125 times.

Alejandro Ruvalcaba Valadez, a spokesman for the FGE, said that the family has not yet identified the murdered woman. However, investigators close to the folder stated that it is possible that the identity of the victim corresponds to the woman reported as absent.

The investigation indicates that Elisa Rivera Gandarilla left her house to go to Calle Cloro, which intersects with Calle Jazmines in front of a convenience store, where she got into a gray Uber-type car and they no longer heard from her.

The woman wore gray pants, a black sweatshirt with the legend Adidas and black tennis shoes.

While the FGE report indicates that last Monday at 7:34 p.m. at the intersection of Hacienda La Aurora and Hacienda Guadalupe streets, in the Hacienda Santa Fe subdivision, the body of a woman was found, with an estimated age between 25 to 30 years.

The FEM investigates three men for their alleged participation in the violent death of Elisa Rivera, located Monday afternoon in the Hacienda Santa Fe subdivision.

The aggressors used extreme violence against the victim, who died of asphyxiation by strangulation.

The arrest of 24-year-old Edgar ER; Jesús Ricardo LB, 33, and Juan Diego BM, 29, was carried out by elements of the Municipal Public Secretariat (SSPM) at the intersection of Custodio de la República and Desierto de Kavir streets, in the Parajes de Oriente subdivision, the corporation reported.

The arrest of these people was for the probable commission of the crimes of disobedience and resistance of individuals and promotion of illicit behavior, since they physically and verbally attacked the officers, it was announced.

Later they offered two cell phones in exchange for their freedom, since they indicated that they had a “crutch”, because they were involved in the murder of a woman, reported the SSPM.

The three people captured “will be investigated for their probable participation in the homicide of a woman located yesterday night (Monday) in an abandoned house in the Hacienda de Santa Fe subdivision.

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