They identified the bodies of the two women they found on the side of the Ezeiza-Cañuelas Highway

The place where the body of one of the victims was found.  (Photo: Google Street View)

The place where the body of one of the victims was found. (Photo: Google Street View)

After several days of mystery, they identified this Tuesday the bodies of the two women found at the end of the year next to the Ezeiza-Cañuelas Highway. The victims are Maria Emilia Barrios, 40 years old and Analía del Rosario Barbosa Martínez, 26. Both were semi-naked. Investigators seek to establish what happened.

Barrios’ body was in a piece of land located about 100 meters from the intersection of Gálvez street and the highway collector. He was found on December 25 by a couple who immediately notified the police. Upon arrival at the scene, members of the 2nd police station. of Tristán Suárez found that the victim was a woman with a white, robust complexion and dark hair. I was half naked and he wore black leggings, a T-shirt and blue sneakers.

The prosecutor Maria Lorena Gonzalez determined that the autopsy be performed, but so far the researchers could not know the causes of death. They await complementary results. The woman could be identified after her 19-year-old daughter went to the police and said that, in the early hours of Christmas, they were celebrating until Barrios left alone without telling where she was going.

Although she did not return to her home in Transradio, in Esteban Echeverría’s party, the young woman did not make the complaint because, on other occasions, her mother had also left without returning during several days, as it was heading to different settlements in the area. However, later he saw in some zonal newspapers that a body had appeared that matched the clothes the woman was wearing in the early morning in which she disappeared, so he approached the police station.

A week later, about four miles from where Barrios’ body was, They found Barbosa Martínez’s. It was at kilometer 33 of the highway. A call to 911 alerted the staff of the 4th police station, who arrived at the scene and spoke with personnel from the Penitentiary Service, since the Ezeiza prison is located there.

A neighbor told the penitentiaries that, in a field where garbage is thrown, he had seen the body of a half-naked woman. Police personnel entered the property, located about 20 meters from the collector and confirmed that she was dead. The victim was a Paraguayan national and lived in the town of Tristán Suárez. They still couldn’t determine what happened to him as he had no visible bumps.

Prosecutor González, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 3, specialized in sexual crimes, ordered a series of expert reports. The tasks are in charge of Special Cases of La Plata.

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