They hold a massive party in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Although cases of coronavirus have increased in Oaxaca, municipal authorities of Santa Maria Colotepec gave permission for an electronic music party to be held in Playa Zicatela during the weekend, which was criticized by users of social networks and residents of the area.

The electronic party was held in the space that includes the restaurant’s beach area The Iguana Stone, where between 150 and 200 pesos were charged to each attendee to the event, enlivened by the Oaxacan DJ Group.

When questioned, the legal representative of the establishment assured that there was respect for preventive measures, such as healthy distance, and the use of mandatory face masks, but in the videos broadcast by the same company the opposite is observed, where it is exhibited that it is the allowed capacity was exceeded, the sale of alcoholic beverages and the clients rejected the use of face masks; recording that has already been deleted from their social networks.

The complaint about the event was presented by citizens who denounced the fact and demanded the intervention of the health authorities to sanction the municipal authorities involved, since the reformed state health law is being violated.

According to the recent adjustments made by the local deputies, the municipal authority that would allow or authorize any massive event in its demarcation at the risk of spreading massive infections by SARS-Cov2, they would be subject to sanctions, which could go up to the revocation of the mandate, if this is the case.

The Undersecretary of Health, Juan Carlos Márquez Heine, pointed out that since December 6, Jurisdiction Number 6 issued a circular that was extended to all municipal authorities in the coastal area to refrain from extending and providing permits for celebrations during the season before Christmas, Christmas and the end of the year, due to the increase in cases of covid-19 and the declaration of Oaxaca at an orange traffic light.

However, the municipal authority of Santa María Colotepec rejected and disregarded the ordinances, so it would be at risk of sanctions being imposed, as stipulated by the state health law recently reformed by the local legislature, while those responsible and owners of the restaurant would be subject to a process of closure and closure of operations for contravening health ordinances derived from the covid-19 pandemic.


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