They go up to the mountains with a broken down vehicle and cause forest fire

The fire was reported to 911 and was observed from various points in the city. Photo: Alma Gudiño

Saltillo Coahuila

A mechanical failure in a vehicle caused a forest fire in the Sierra Zapaliname and those responsible for the incident were arrested as a protected area, in Saltillo, Coahuila.

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The youths were traveling aboard a Jeep Patriot truck and it was just as they arrived in the area that the fire started in the unit causing the saw to ignite at the same time.

They arrived at the place Firefighters, staff of the Ministry of the Environment, Mounted Municipal Police, as well as elements of the various corporations.

From different points of the city you could see the Forest fire so it was immediately reported to emergency system.

Edwin, 20, and Luis, 23, were aboard the damaged truck, but were arrested when the fire started at the scene.

Brigades remain in the affected area to control the fire.

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