They found the missing man dead in the Neuquén river

The body found on the shore of the Neuquén River corresponds to the 47-year-old man who was intensely searched since Friday afternoon, when he threw himself into the waters near Parque Industrial. “Now it remains to do the autopsy to determine what happened,” he confirmed to LMN the inspector commissioner Mauricio Pamich.

Shortly after 3 pm this Sunday, Naval Prefecture personnel found a body in the Neuquén River “1,000 meters below where it was last seen.” Firefighters collaborated with the extraction of the corpse and when observing it “the characteristics corresponded”.

“He is a man of approximately the same age, same gender, the clothing with which he found is the same with which the witnesses described him and, in addition, he has the same tattoos that his friend said,” said Pamich.

“Once the body is removed, the body will be taken to the Neuquén morgue, to carry out an autopsy and see what really happened,” added the inspector.

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The discovery took place in the vicinity of the Third Bridge, almost a kilometer from where it would have disappeared. The raking was resumed this Sunday morning of the man who disappeared in the waters of the Neuquén river, which on January 1, witnesses saw him sink in a drunken state at the height of the Industrial Park, but on the Cipoleño side.

Earlier, the Inspector Commissioner Mauricio Pamich, head of the Department of Economic Crimes and in charge of the Coordination of the East Zone of the Crime Directorate, had pointed out that in the morning the cloudy weather made it difficult to visualize towards the depth of the River.

He said that at first Police Station 34 of Cipolletti intervened and later, as the friend of the disappeared person filed the complaint at Police Station 20 of the Industrial Park, this jurisdiction continued with thesearch.

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“The 47-year-old man threw himself into the river in the area where the Neuquén ejido borders with Centenario, in New Spain. He swam to the Cipoleña coast, drank with his friend and when he came back drunk, Witnesses saw him cry out for help and sink into the river. Did not stand”, He told LM Neuquén the police officer.

He said that the man, whose disappearance has not yet been claimed by the police, knew how to swim, in fact, he crossed to the other shore without difficulty. “Several witnesses saw that he jumped into the water and drowned. This area is not qualified for a spa, but people throw themselves into the river, ”he added.

The man lived in the Belgrano neighborhood and it is being investigated if he was from the province of Santa Fe and would have come to this city to work.

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