They found more than three tons of marijuana in an abandoned truck in Misiones

Part of the kidnapped.
Part of the kidnapped.

More than three tons of marijuana were found yesterday in an abandoned truck in the missionary town of Colonia Delicia, reported sources from the Argentine National Gendarmerie (GNA) and the Ministry of Security.

The discovery took place when members of Squadron 10 “Eldorado” carried out vehicle controls at kilometer 1,571 of National Route 12. According to what was reported, the agents observed that A truck was approaching and stopped 300 meters before reaching the checkpoint, which caught their attention.

For this reason, the gendarmes went to where the vehicle had been parked and cThey found that the driver was not in the place, so they began to carry out a rake to locate him, on the suspicion that they were in the presence of a criminal act.

Later they searched the truck with the “Lara” narcotics detector dog, who reacted de exalted way when passing through different sectors of the vehicle, as it does in a usual way in the presence of narcotics.

The truck with the seized marijuana.
The truck with the seized marijuana.

The uniformed officers reported what happened to the Federal Court of El Dorado, which ordered the transfer of the truck to the Unit, where they removed the canvas that covered the cargo and found 115 rectangular lumps, emitting a strong smell similar to that of marijuana. After conducting the Narcotest field test, which was positive for “cannabis sativa”, Weighing was carried out, reaching 3,716 kilograms.

Likewise, during the search of the truck the officers found materials that they tried to simulate that the freight transport carried out an international trip. The intervening magistrate ordered the seizure of the marijuana and the truck.

Within hours, the gendarmes found another shipment of about two tons of pressed marijuana in the missionary town of Puerto Esperanza. The procedure was carried out by personnel from Squad 10, who after the previous discovery, registered in an abandoned truck in the municipality of Colonia Delicia, carried out another operation in the San Juan area after receiving an alert, where they raked the area in search of more packages.

He was kidnapped within the Gendarmerie unit.
He was kidnapped within the Gendarmerie unit.

As they indicated, when reviewing an area with pine plantations, the gendarmes first found 34 packages and then another 62, which in total contained 1,906 kilos of pressed marijuana.

In addition, unlike what happened in Colonia Delicia, in this case they did detect different elements with which the investigators can establish the identities of those responsible for the shipment of the shipments, so that until this morning they were still trying to find some of them . The El Dorado Federal Prosecutor’s Office, led by Pablo Aguilera, and the federal judge Valeria Küpers intervened in the event, who ordered the rigorous procedures.

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