They found María Belén Lima vanished in Colonia Alberdi

They found María Belén Lima vanished in Colonia Alberdi

The Police found 18-year-old María Belén Lima disappeared near a stream in Colonia Alberdi, who was intensely wanted in the area, as a result of the complaint made by her mother, stating that she did not know the whereabouts of the young woman. María Belén was hospitalized and her disappearance is being investigated.

In her complaint, the woman mentioned that her daughter had gone to Oberá for work reasons, not knowing her whereabouts. This morning, within the framework of security operations and rakings carried out by the Police in the area, an officer was circulating near the El Chapá stream, where he observed a motorcycle, whose driver requested collaboration because his companion had vanished.

The woman was identified as María Belén Lima, who was transferred to the Samic de Oberá Hospital. Rigorous proceedings continue and a judicial investigation was launched to determine what happened to the young woman and the reason for her disappearance from her home.


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