They found giant African snails in Argenti …

A citizen of the city of Eldorado, in Misiones, found at km 9 of San Luis Street a giant snail of African origin. Professionals from the National Service of Health and Food Quality (Senasa) issued an alert after detecting the presence of more specimens of this invasive species.

He Achatina fúlica is considered one of the 100 most harmful agricultural pests in the world for its ability to reproduce. It can cause damage to agriculture and the fauna of native snails, as well as being a carrier of different diseases. Their slime constitutes a threat to people, so it is recommended not to touch them.

According to specialists, the first appearance of this African snail occurred in the same province, in Puerto Iguazú, in December 2010. There was another case in 2013 in Corrientes. Years later, in 2019, his presence was reported in the missionary municipality of Wanda. Both in Misiones and Corrientes are the main sources of the plague in the country.

“From the environmental point of view they are also very harmful because due to their speed of reproduction and their lack of natural predators they can become a pest in a very short time. And since they grow very fast and eat anything, they can become a danger to crops “, explained Emilio Rey, from Senasa.

After the last complaint, the agency’s technicians captured 15 copies of this terrestrial mollusk in order to prevent its dispersal, as reported on the official website of the National State.

They also toured the area under suspicion, surveying the inhabitants and informing about the pest and the potential dangers it represents. They handed out brochures with technical information and recommendations to take into account.

Monitoring activities continue in the area and specialists from the health agency will execute a plan to contain the plague, among other official actions. These types of activities implemented by Senasa are aimed at safeguarding plant health, safeguarding public health and protecting the environment of this species.

In case of sighting of a relatively large snail, the report should be made to the following numbers: 0800-999-2386 or 03751-422331. You can also send an email to [email protected]

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