They found a mutilated corpse floating in the Paraná River in front of the city of Rosario

Parana River
Parana River

A mutilated corpse was found today floating off the central coast of the Paraná River, in Rosario, and there are already three bodies found in similar characteristics in that city in recent weeks.

A group of fishermen observed the torso and a floating leg at noon today in the area of ​​Parque España and warned the troops of the Argentine Naval Prefecture (PNA).

The remains found would have been in the water for at least a month, which would have caused an advanced state of decomposition“Informed the forensic doctors. In addition, they detailed that, for the moment, it would not be related to the human remains found last week because “the first examinations show that he does not show signs of external violence such as a stab wound or gunshot wounds ”.

The prosecutor of the Painful Homicide Unit, Valeria Piazza Iglesias, ordered the survey of the area of ​​the discovery.

These last remains are added to the human fragments found last Tuesday corresponding to two men. Those discoveries occurred in waste dump trucks in the Saladillo neighborhood – in the extreme southeast of Rosario – and on the coast of the Saladillo stream, in the neighboring city of Villa Gobernador Gálvez.

The place of the first find.
The place of the first find.

It all started last Tuesday when a homeless man who was stirring the garbage from a container on 5600 Lithuania Street in the Saladillo neighborhood encountered a macabre scene: two heads and two arms inside a pool bag, wrapped in film, in three different packages.

Thus the homeless man alerted a neighbor, who made a call to 911. Shortly after, the Criminal Cabinet appeared on the scene to relieve the scene with Patricio Saldutti, prosecutor of the case.

The victims would be between 30 and 40 years old. Medical examiners estimate that the deaths would be recent due to the stiffness of the arms, between 12 and 24 hours ago. The cuts would be pretty neat“Saldutti assured before noon yesterday:” The remains were in the upper part of the container. More containers were surveyed in the area ”.

After the second find.
After the second find.

The findings continued that afternoon: another leg, another arm, a human torso on the banks of the Saladillo stream, all wrapped in film.

The fragments were taken to the Medical Legal Institute of Rosario to be inspected by a forensic on an autopsy table. “Obviously, an impromptu event is not. Yes it is all very neat, the cuts and the packaging”Said Saldutti.

Finally, through fingerprint skills, the remains found were identified as belonging to a Jorge David Gimenez, 31 years old and Victor Martin Baralis of 44. Both knew each other and both had a history of minor robberies, as confirmed by sources with access to the file to Infobae.

Given this, the Rosario Justice tries to determine if they were victims of a narco revenge and analyzes an audio that a prisoner in a drug trafficking case he sent his brother-in-law. In the record, the prisoner talks about using a chainsaw against his victims and highlights: “See how I’m going to cut them into pieces.”

After the identification of the bodies, a source with access to the file assured that “the victims and the prisoner under investigation knew each other, walked together and frequented each other” and added that “Proceedings were carried out to find out the origin of this relationship between the two and the possible links with criminal organizations”.

Suspected suspects for the crimes
Suspected suspects for the crimes

It is noteworthy that one of those tracks that evaluates the prosecutor in the case, Patricio Saldutti, is a audio that was broadcast in an imputative hearing held to the head of the band “Los Gorditos”, A young man who is in prison called Brandon Bay, his sisters Aldana and Flavia and two other members of the group, Claudio Gustavo Ríos and Sebastián Eduardo Aguirre.

Audio was captured last October 8 in a cause in which the gang is investigated for extortion and threats, for which they received 200,000 pesos in cash from a victim, who was later claimed 400,000.

There, Bay tells Aguirre: “Listen to me by the way they are going to look for the tornado and by the way we kill a couple of zombies, I’m going to take one”, to which his interlocutor replies: “And, you have to take your brother-in-law.” In listening, Bay adds: “No, one I’m going to takeI’m sending you a video with a chainsaw, look at how I’m going to cut it into pieces in a Mexican way, I’m going to give it ”.

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