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They forecast the impact of major hurricanes in Central America and the US

Florida, United States.

The next season of hurricanes in the Atlantic will have an activity “above the annual average” with 17 tropical storms named, due to the absence of the meteorological phenomenon of The boy, According to the annual forecast released this Thursday by the State University of Colorado (CSU).

The report indicates that there is an above-average probability that “great hurricanes impact the continental coast of United States and the Caribbean “.

University experts anticipaten 17 named stormse, whatn eight hurricanes and four of them hurricanes with sustained winds of about 178 kilometers per hour, that is, category 3,4 or 5 on the Saffir / Simpson scale.

The forecast, presented within the framework of the National Tropical Climate Conference, is based on more than four decades of historical data from the hurricanes ccompiled by CSU and in the observation of two key elements for the formation of these hurricanes: the water temperatures in the Atlantic and fluctuations in the Pacific known as The boy and the girl.

Specifically, the report says that there is a 69% probability that a hurricane will affect somewhere on the east coast of USA, when the average of the last century was 52%.

The forecast includes 80 days of storms and 35 days of hurricanes, as in 2020, a record year in this area, but above the historical average of 59 and 24, respectively.

In addition, a 44% probability of a hurricane ltying to the Gulf of mexico and a 58% chance of a hurricane in Caribbean, both numbers significantly above historical averages.

If the forecast for 2021 is fulfilled as it was anticipated by USC today, this season will be 140% above average, which arises from data collected since 1981.

The report of the experts from the University of Colorado they largely coincide with those presented this week by the meteorological services company Accuweather.

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In this case they foresee that in 2021 they will be formed in el Atlantic from 16 to 20 storms with name, of which between seven and ten will become hurricanes, of which between three and five will be of a higher category.

In the 2020 season, the busiest in history, there were 30 named storms, thirteen of them hurricanes and six of these major.

It was also a record because the US sufferedor twelve direct hits, three more than in 1916, which had the previous mark, according to Accuweather./EFE.

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