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They find in Buenos Aires a young woman from Mendoza who …

A few days after the end of 2020, Celeste Aldana Orozco Maturano, a young woman who disappeared in Mendoza a decade ago when she was 14 years old, was found in Buenos Aires. It happened this week. Her parents were arrested and the Justice is investigating whether they were the ones who handed her over to a human trafficking network.

During the last ten years the young woman was part of the Missing Children and Interpol lists, after on July 8, 2011 the family lost their trace. After her disappearance, family, friends and neighbors began looking for her and holding marches. One of the theories was that he had taken a bus to San Luis.

Federal Justice investigates whether Orozco, who is 24 years old today and being assisted by a medical team, was abducted and sexually exploited by a trafficking ring. In addition, it is under analysis what was the role of his parents.

On Wednesday, December 30, members of the National Gendarmerie They raided in La Paz, Mendoza, the home of Celeste’s parents, located on Avenida San Martín. There, Mónica Maturano, the mother, and Alberto Orozco, the stepfather, were detained. Meanwhile, the investigation is progressing.

“We are very happy to know that Aldana is alive, but at the same time sad to think that her parents may have something to do with the incident,” said a relative of the detainees in dialogue with the media. West weather.

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