They find a missing girl in 2011

They arrest her parents on suspicion that she had been sold to a trafficking ring.

A young woman who had been missing for 10 years was found in Buenos Aires days ago, and the Police arrested her parents, whom she accused of having handed her over to a trafficking ring.

The young woman was identified as ACO, and had disappeared in mid-2011 in the department of La Paz, Mendoza province, when she was just 14 years old.

Days ago the Federal Police found the young woman, currently 24 years old, who had been forced into prostitution and has two children.

After testifying under the supervision of a mental health team, the Justice ordered a search of the home of the victim’s mother and stepfather, who were detained by the National Gendarmerie, accused of having delivered the young woman to a trafficking network.

The best one had been last seen in July 2011, and her disappearance mobilized family, friends and the teaching staff of the school she attended. Even the international organization Missing Children joined the search.

According to the website “El Tiempo del Este”, at first the mother of the minor had said that she asked for permission to travel to find information for a school job, and she never returned. The police had considered the hypothesis that she had eloped to San Luis with a boyfriend. But the track never prospered.


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