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They find a body on the Third Bridge that would be the missing man in the Neuquén river

Updated 17:03

A 47-year-old man who jumped into the Neuquén river on Friday in the Industrial Park area is wanted by personnel of the Police fire department. According to the witnesses, the person had drowned. Minutes ago a body was found in the vicinity of the Third Bridge, which is believed to be the person wanted.

“There is a lifeless body in the Neuquén River in the vicinity of the Third Bridge. Work is being done on extraction. It will be verified if it is the body we were looking for or is it another body. It is estimated that yes. It is about 1000 meters downstream from the place where the disappeared person occurred, ”said Inspector Inspector Mauricio Pamich.

He reported that based on the reconstruction that was made of the event, On Friday a man threw himself into the river on the border between Neuquén and Centenario. From there he crossed to the Cipolean coast, drank with a friend, and then when he wanted to swim back he was seen asking for help.

That night the person who accompanied him made a complaint about what happened at Police Station 20 of the Industrial Park.

Pamich said that everything suggests that the man had drowned.

He recalled that it is not an area enabled as a spa. He specified that the event occurred in a sector of the Neuquén River, which is located arriving by a path that begins in the vicinity of the YPF Industrial Park. Downstream from the El Vergel neighborhood. It was on the Rio Negro side.

The man at the time of his disappearance was wearing white shorts and sneakers and has a tattoo with the Rosario Central crest on his back.

At first, at 14 today the search was suspended for weather reasons, but then they were alerted by the appearance of a body in the area of ​​the Third Bridge.

From the Police it was reported that this morning from 08:30 the search was resumed by suitable personnel of the fire department, who carried out search tasks for water and land, downstream from where their disappearance was reported.

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